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Nickoli burner

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Nickoli burner

Nickoli “Gold Tooth” Burner
Date of birth462 AV (aged 61)
Place of birthRavok
TitleCaptain of The Sea Gem

Captain Gold Tooth is without doubt one of, if not the, greediest person anyone would ever meet. Missing multiple limbs and digits and living a life most would have given up on long ago, the captain continues to pursue the life for his greed for gold alone. The captain has even been known to take an entire crew as slaves and sell their captured ship if he thinks they are worth the hassle of dragging back to port.

Usually, the man never stays in port unless forced to by outside circumstances, saying that time at sea is coin made while time at port is coin lost. Few have managed to stay with him over the years, either due to poor health or because they grew tired of the sea and constant demands of Captain Gold Tooth's relentless lifestyle. He upholds the code to the letter and, if one wants more than is spelled out therein, it is at his own cost. A common mistake for newcomers is expecting to be fed well aboard the Sea Gem.

However, if one can make it aboard his ship, they will turn a fair price for their work. Nickoli was once an appraiser in Ravok and knows the value of nearly anything one was to come across. He is not the type to be shorted coin, and he will fight to no end to ensure he is awarded the value of his goods and prize. Thus, the pros and cons of serving aboard the Sea Gem often weigh out for the strong of health and strong of back.

The Sea Gem

  • Brigantine Class (100 T. Cargo 4 Light Mounts, 1 Heavy Mount)

A good-sized merchant vessel, and the most common variety used by pirates. This class of vessel is so commonly used by criminals, in fact, that the name of the class comes from the word “brigand”. Wealthy merchants also find use out of this class of vessel. Supports 4 light and one heavy mount. Crew: 120, Passengers: 50

  • 1x Grappling Ramp (Heavy Mount)

his structure is a long ramp and frame that resembles a small drawbridge. When an enemy ship is near, the grappling ramp is dropped, so that it forms a bridge to the other vessel. The top end of the grappling ramp is usually fitted with iron spikes, cleats, or grapnels so that its drop drives the ramp into the enemy vessel’s deck, holding it fast. Weighs 1,000lbs.

  • 4x Ballista (Light Mount)

A huge, heavy crossbow weighing around 400lbs. Mainly useful in damaging sails or enemy crew. When a bolt is lit on fire however, greater damage is possible.