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Date of birth485 AV (aged 38)
Place of birthEyktol
TitleGifted Hunter
Weapon: Longbow60


Nikatsi is an average Chaktawe. Fawn colored skin covers her body, gives away her heritage. Ebony eyes can seem disconcerting when one first meets Nikatsi. Long legs are normal and she is no exception. Jet black hair reflects the sun and side-swept bangs help keep prey from noticing her while she hides in the underbrush. If on a serious mission, she will use red dye to paint her cheeks, eyes, ankles, and wrists. As with any Chaktawe, marks are speckled on her fingertips, to sense air disturbances. Normally, Nikatsi can be found wearing a dark brown cloak, tree-green corset and skirt. A dagger is strapped to her thigh but several more are hidden around her body in strategic places. A quiver of arrows is within easy reach and a long-bow fits comfortably in her calloused hands.


Nikatsi is a demanding person. Those she acquaints herself with, if she chooses at all, need to be loyal, hard-workers and brave. They need to not be stubborn or pigheaded, as she finds this a nuisance and a very annoying trait to have. Though she mentally, physically, and emotionally pushes every person she instructs, Nikatsi means well. She wishes for anyone who seeks to hunt or defend themselves, to be able to the best of their ability. Anyone who is decided unfit will be denied extraordinary experiences. The same goes the other way; if someone is ready to hunt, or fight, they will and normally in a very unique way.

Solemn, Nikatsi prefers to observe the actions of another. Only from studying them and learning their behaviors can she truly help them. Nikatsi is calculating and her mind is constantly thinking things through to find an easier path. Others have teased her about being cautious. Any questions about her past are shot down without hesitation. Nikatsi prefers to not let others in, though she had no problem being a listener. In a casual setting, Nikatsi's true humor shows. She enjoys making jokes and has many inside jokes with most of the residents who have come in contact with her. Many atimes has she played part in a prank.


Born to the Kalanue tribe, Nikatsi learned how to use her wits as a tool. As with all Chaktawe, she was not named until she reached the age of five years. Nikatsi means "gifted hunter" because she seemed taken with weapons of all types, but did not pursue fighting with them. Instead, she was interested in observing, learning, and using the knowledge to hunt prey.

At fifteen years, she was temporarily banished from the tribe for "the searching". Nikatsi flourished on her own, using her skills as a huntress to keep herself alive. However, she ran out of water. Her body was able to keep for a lengthy amount of time, but apparently not long enough. Dehydration was a harsh set back and left Nikatsi gasping for help on the Desert Floor. During this time, she desperately prayed to Makutsi, as all female Chaktawe do. The goddess answered by delivering a simple message and a small pool of water.

"Only when you teach the strongest will you be the strongest."

A guardian had been assigned. The soul appeared to be a blue bird. Offsetting her personality, it encouraged her to make brash decisions and relax. One of the choices it helped her make was to leave Ekytol in search of the strongest. At age seventeen, she left her homeland. Five more years past before Nikatsi discovered the Jamoura.

She had been amazed at their strength and patience. Finally, she had arrived. The battle was long and hard to make a name for herself in the Spires and finally she did! Once the achievement was reached, Nikatsi began to teach individuals on hunting. All game went to the butcher's, as to not waste a precious animal's life.