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Date of birth476 AV (aged 47)
Place of birthLhavit
TitleSaya of the Akka

Nilen is the current Saya of the Akka. The Akka is the construction-focused sect of The Constellations, a cult devoted to Zintila based in Lhavit. She holds three gnosis marks from Zintila, and one from Syna.


Nilen is known to be a warm and welcoming presence. As the head of the Akka she is well known within the city, and as a result is very transparent. It isn't uncommon to find her start up a conversation with any citizen, and especially children. This Saya has a particular fondness of the young ones of the city and is very trusted with them. when she is not working, it's not uncommon to find this full grown adult tossing a ball or playing hide and seek in the park. This playful demeanor shows through all aspects of her life. Even with adults, Nilen is usually only found joking around or being silly, even in serious conversation. She is the one to lift spirits in almost any situation and often knows exactly how to do it without making it awkward. While seriousness is rare to come by, Nilen shows a great affinity for leadership. She makes those around her comfortable and as a result can direct progress very easily.


Born and raised in Lhavit, some may say she hasn't had a terribly exciting life. Born the daughter of one of the Seiza's Cala, it was no surprise that she followed in her father's footsteps, joining the Constellations. But of course, she chose a different direction, using her analytical mind and artistic abilities to benefit the city as best she could.

When Nilen turned twenty, she married a young Shinya warrior by the name of Kisern. Still happily married, the couple had been through trials in their relationship, from miscarriages to the return of past lovers. However, because of the constant chaos that made up the governmental factions of Lhavit during their careers, the two stayed together. Becuase of this, many Lhavitians look up to Nilen during hard times.

Role in the Constellations

As the Saya of the Akka, Nilen plays an important role in both the cult of the Constellations and Lhavit's politics. One may think that the woman in charge of construction is not usually involved in the heavier politics of the city, but being one of Zintila's most trusted Priests, Nilen is often consulted by high authoritative figures. Alongside the other two Saya, Nilen is trusted to make decisions representing the Constellations and the whole of the Akka. She is one of Zintila's most devoted and therefore one of her trusted voices.

Being in charge of the city's layout also holds its own responsibility. Nilen is tasked with overseeing all plans and construction from the Reta, Cala, and Terl of the Akka. She has mastered the unique ability to build with skyglass and the intriguing architecture that covers the tops of as well as hangs off the side of the five Peaks.