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The shields of old are meaningless - all old blood was snuffed out suddenly during the Valterrian.

Those social high-ranking positions commonly thought of as Nobility or Nobles do not exist in Mizahar. Since the Valterrian, the ancient kings of the world - those glorious leaders of The Suvan and Alahea Empires - have long since perished into history and in many cases infamy. Their bones have turned to dust and blown away on the winds. While some 'noble' bloodlines made it through the Valterrian, in the current age they are unknowing of what blood they carry and outdated and useless in this time of survival. There are no wealthy slovenly aristocrats that bleed the people dry and do very little to perpetuate their species. Those people who do command wealth and power, however, are the ones that have gone out and earned it via their actions.

Certain cities, like Ahnatep, have houses and leaders that act as nobility, but these are 'courts' steeped with intrigue that enjoy fluid shifts in power as alliances and agreements are made and broken. Combining hallowed blood and wealth from endeavors both respected and cruel, these upper classes have wedged themselves into an indomitable position of strength. In other places, such as Syliras, knights defiant of chaos have carved out a civilized place for all peoples, trying to re-tame the wilderness in a semblance of what used to be. Battling predators and holding onto very little wealth in the process - their only true rewards being a safe place to raise their families and the occasional award of an outpost to lead for themselves. Life is short and bloody for such people, fraught with the truth that not all are worthy of defense.

Various people have declared themselves leaders - especially queens - but hold those positions because of their power and usually due to the fact they indeed founded their cities. In fact, the only 'Queens' Mizahar has are Goddess Queens that rule over cities and enjoy immortality. Queen Mira of Taloba and Queen Morwen of Avanthal are two examples. There are currently no Kings either self-declared or otherwise.