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The Lines speaking of the Nyavanni sacred tombs.

The Nyavanni are an extinct race of arcanists that were old even pre-Valterrian. They predicted the coming of the Valterrian and hide some of their greatest treasures in tombs beneath the land. These tombs are marked by elaborate lines etched into the stone or soil. While probably highly elaborate when created pre-valterrian, these Nyavanni marks have been worn down by erosion and cultivation perhaps causing their secret caches to be lost forever. Many of these tombs were destroyed during the Valterrian, but a few have been found. Among them, a children's tomb filled with toys, literature, stories, dolls, and clothing was discovered on the boarder of Taldera and Syliras up near Ravok. This discovery was made by the scholar walking the actual lines themselves and reciting powerful magic to reveal the hidden secret to the tomb. The Nyavanni are thought to be glyph masters and powerful divinists. There are no more Nyavanni known to be alive, nor is very much known about their culture or what they even looked like. The dolls found in the children's tomb had representatives of all races and quite a few monsters and legendary creatures as well, making pinpointing appearance rather difficult.