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Nymkarta is the name of the only ruling dynasty in pre-Valterrian Alahea. It ruled without interruption from its rise around 7800 BV to the Valterrian itself. The bloodline was famous for its high affinity to magic and descended from the goddess of wisdom, Eyris.



Alahea's history begins with the founding of the city of Treval in eastern Mizahar, near present-day Lisnar, by the legendary Queen Avakalashi, in early historical times (shortly after Qalaya gifted men with writing, about 8000 BV). Avakalashi was an Alvina or demi-goddess, being a daughter of the goddess of wisdom Eyris (though Suvan scholars tried their best to refute this claim). An exceptional wizard the likes of which are only seen once in a millennium, Avakalashi single-handedly ensured the prosperity of the newborn city-state as long as she lived.

Avakalashi's reign passed down in history as a mythical age of happiness, and her example laid down the law allowing women to rule as Queens with the same authority as their male counterparts. She married the most powerful Human wizard in his land, Rabaodos Nymkarta. Rabaodos was the one to officially name the new state "Alahea" (meaning "seeking the sky" in the ancient tongue). He is also reputed to have artificially extended his lifespan with magic to match his bride's, as did quite a few of his successors, most notably Queen Sambele (the "Unending Queen"), Aleyer ("King Forever") and Tihage ("the Mountain") who all lived well over two centuries.

The Nymkarta dynasty is peculiar in that no ruler was ever named after an ancestor, hence numerals were never used.

Note: all entries contain the sovereign's sex and reign dates, actual or approximated.

Suvan wars

War against Suvan broke out during the reign of Iffidius Nymkarta.


Alahea's fortunes began to decline around 2850 BV, though observers at the time would not have noticed it.


Alahea was clearly spiraling into decline by 700 BV.


Many aspects of the Nymkarta dynasty are still shrouded in mystery. Its members' incredible longevity and duration as a bloodline have been the object of much speculation. It is known that, especially in its early centuries, the dynasty tried to incorporate as much magical blood as possible, through marriages with the most powerful wizards in the land. There is also a large number of young Nymkarta children whose birth is recorded in historical documents, but who seemed to mysteriously disappear in their early childhood with no reasonable account of their fate. It is speculated that the dynasty culled its weaker members in order to keep the blood pure and strong through the millennia.