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Nymkarta Osere Map

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This map is a magical construct, showing the entirety of the lands of Mizahar. The location of all Nymkartan Blooded individuals is displayed as glowing dots, their locations displayed in real-time. This is a constant effect. The map can be called up/recalled by thought, or left in place until recalled in a fixed location.

It does not display detailed information such as bloodline type (Kova/Westfall for example) but it does display small glowing initials below each dot indicating an individual. If one of them dies it is extinguished from the map upon its next reading by the owner, the map dimming for a time in mourning, and no further trace can be found of the individual beyond that point.

If a new birth takes place then the map will glow brightly to indicate, and celebrate, this fact - though initials will not appear until actual naming takes place. Sex, age and all other vital statistics are not noted on the map.

This is a one-of-a-kind item owned by Alric.