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Luck is all a game of wits.
TitleThe Maker of Luck
DomainLuck, Gambling, & Wit
Divine rank3
SymbolsA Pair of Dice, A Six Fingered Hand
CultsNone known
Worshipped inThroughout Mizahar

Ovek is the God of Luck, Gambling and Wit. Born mortal, Ovek was said to have won his godhood in a game of dice from a deity who's name has long been lost in time. Having been born with the natural ability to remember numbers, Ovek had no problems using this to his advantage both in his mortal life and later when he ascended. Assuming leadership over multiple realms, especially Luck and Gambling, Ovek is rarely one to pass up a game of chance or a bet on one thing or another. His winnings and losings have made for epic scale stories throughout Mizahar.

This God is utterly devoted to life being a game of chance and one where all the numbers matter. He may bring those who turn to him good luck or bad luck depending on the situation and his mood at the time. Sacrifices to Ovek often result in the change of one's luck as well. Charms showing a hand with six fingers, called Sixers, are often produced by jewelers and artists and said to bring luck. Gambling establishments in cities almost always depict a sixer or six-fingered hand on their signs. Ovek, naturally, has six fingers on his right hand having been born that way. Most games of chance involve the number six which is considered incredibly lucky. Dice games are usually played in Mizahar with six wooden or bone dice.

Ovek is one of the gods that do not have a set form when manifesting. Wherever there's a game of chance Ovek is likely to be found. He could wear any face, any age, and even any sex at any given time.


  • Omaru - Grants the follower the ability to count cards, know odds, and understand gambling.