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Parrsni Snowsong

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Parrsni Snowsong

The Music Maker
RaceMixed Human (Vantha/Chaktawe)
Date of birth458 AV (aged 65)
Place of birthEkytol
TitleMaster Instrument Craftsman
Gnosis marks


Parrsni is a tall man at 5’11’’ and is quite broad about the chest and shoulder. His black hair is streaked with gray due to his age and wrinkles ring his eyes that crinkle deeply when he laughs, which is often. Parrsni’s eyes change colors as all Vanthas do though some swear that his eye colors are always darker than one would expect. A sparse beard usually covers Parr’s face though occasionally he remembers to shave it. Parr spends so much time in the workshop that his clothes are usually dirty and covered in wood dust.


Parrsni Snowsong is a very jovial man who likes to please the people around him. Due to being looked down upon by his maternal family and suffering their barbed words he developed an excellent sense of humor to deflect their scorn. Although his humor can be a bit self-deprecating at times he is generally known as a great friend and excellent storyteller. Often apprentices will use Parr as a confidant and seek advice from the friendly man. He never turns away visitors whether they are interested in his instruments or just want to chat.


Parrsni Snowsong was born to a Vantha mother and an unknown Chaktawe father. Parrsni’s mother, Juala Snowsong, traveled Mizahar as a roaming musician and picked up new songs from various cultures to bring back to Morwen. She also brought back a son, Parrsni, much to her parent’s embarrassment. Morwen accepted the half-Vantha into the city as one of her own and invited him to be marked not long after he and his mothere arrived in the city. Although Parrsni had the color changing eyes of the Vantha he had the coppery skin of his Chaktawe father and his Vantha family made the young mother and son move into their own arvinta so that they did not have to be reminded of Juala’s promiscuity. Juala never told her son who exactly his father was or how she ended up with a Chaktawe lover but Parrsni eventually accepted her silence on the matter.

Fully aware of his maternal family’s feelings toward him, Parrsni strove to become a well-respected member of the Snowsong Hold and prove his worth as a Vantha. As a youth Parrsni, or Parr as he is usually called, took up the flute and spent much of his time at the Kaliara Observation Deck letting the wind carry his music across the city. He became enamored with the way a simple piece of wood and some air could create such beautiful melodies and soon found himself apprenticed in Strings ‘n Things. It didn’t take long for the young man’s enthusiasm and talent to shine and he was known as a master craftsman by the time he reached his thirties. His devotion to music and clear talent for creating instruments of exquisite beauty attracted the attention of Rhaus, god of music, who bestowed his gnosis upon the craftsman to keep track of the man’s doings and work. By the time Parr turned forty he had taken over Strings ‘n Things as the top craftsman and spends much of his time mentoring apprentices and planning new designs. In the evenings when Parr is not at Strings ‘n Things he is in his arvinta with his wife Navika Snowsong and their daughter Juaka. Parr gave his daughter a name that combined those of Juala, who passed away shortly before Juaka’s birth, and Navika who Parr loves devotedly.