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Date of birth456 AV (aged 67)
Place of birthLhavit
TitleThe Hermit
Wilderness Survival20

The Hermit at Mura's house of cards.


An older man of about five feet and seven inches in height, Piet towers over most of Mura's inhabitants. His frail, wizened frame, marked by the beginnings of old age are often obscured by the dark robes he wears. The hood he often pulls over his head to hide his slender face, marred by the occasional scar and several wrinkles. Long, slender, fading brown hairs pour over the top of his head, although they thin the farther back one looks. A long, wiry beard spills from his chin, cascading over his center. Lost behind the flickering orange light cast by the lantern he often carries. Or the edge of his long, wooden staff.


An introspective, withdrawn individual, Piet is rarely seen around other people. When he is among his kind, however, he tends to take on either the role of student or teacher, depending on what his heart seeks, or what the minds of others need in order to be filled.