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Placeholders are vacant threads that are posted usually just before season changes so you have a thread to go back to finish when you've ran out of time during a current season to finish things like jobs, training, or to finish out a storyline. Because of abuse of Placeholders - people posting far too many, never going back and finishing them, etc - we have added placeholder rules.

The rules are as follows:

  • Placeholder Threads may be no more than one season behind the current in-game-season to be eligible to be expanded and written to.
  • All participants in placeholders must have posted to the placeholder thread in the season it was posted. No late or ‘after the fact’ joiners allowed. This means no one can join a placeholder who was not in the original thread.
  • Individual characters can place no more than five placeholders per season. No exceptions.
  • Placeholders older than one season behind the current season can and should be deleted by any member of the staff (or the player themselves) that are capable of doing so.
  • A thread that has a minimal effort put into it (a paragraph or two) is still considered a placeholder even if it is started. To move from Placeholder to Grandfathered status, a placeholder must have two or more posts in it of at least 500 words.
  • Placeholders should be a last-ditch effort. Everyone should strive to play in the current timestamp and move the overall thread arches of the game forward!
  • There will be no back wages paid out via STs or through the Help Desk older than one season behind the current season. This includes the completion of grandfathered job threads.
  • The Help Desk may consider ‘exceptions’ to these rules on a case-by-case bases. You must apply to the Help Desk to get any sort of placeholder rules relaxed and then this will only be for extreme circumstances.