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Placeholders are threads that are posted in a current season JUST before season changes to mark players intending to wrap up unfinished business like Job Threads or wrapping up unfinished plots due to other threads not quite being completed. For example... say a player is involved in a quest where he learns a specific magic. He might well intend to practice that magic that season because the quest is at the very beginning of the season. But because of the quest thread not being finished before season change or graded, he cannot do his practice or training threads. Thus he might post a placeholder to mark his intentions.

Some Things To Remember:

  • Placeholders cannot be posted AFTER the season change. This means when the DATE in your timezone changes. This does not mean when the SEASON CHANGE ANNOUNCEMENT is made. Admin's get busy and it might take them a few days or a few hours to get season change notifications up. Always go by RL dates, not game announcements.
  • Placeholders must have a purpose ie Job Threads, Continuations of Quests, etc.
  • Placeholders must be titled and explained in the explanation line.
  • No one can join placeholders beside the original poster UNLESS they posted a placeholder post within the placeholder thread intending to join the thread when it was ready to be posted too.
  • Moderators have the right to remove any placeholders posted after the season change for the previous season.