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Plant Tester

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The Plant Tester

Plant Tester

Plant Tester – This magic item comes in the form of a lovely cold iron wand ending in a large gemstone that has color changing properties. It is a complex wilderness survival tool that will allow you to touch any plant that’s still alive or dead (meaning dried herbs work etc) and based on the color the plant tester turns will determine the value of the plant to the person holding it. If the stone remains a colorless grey (its standard color) then the plant has no value to the person holding the plant tester. The following colors stand for various things. And once the color turns bright in the color changing gemstone, then the user can touch the gemstone and get a firm idea in their mind as to what the plant tester is seeing in the plant. Keep in mind different parts of plants might have different properties (ie leaves verses roots, verses bark, verses internal meat) and those different parts might have different uses. Please note different users will get different results as well. Something that is poisonous to a human might be delicious to a dhani, for example.

   Red: Poison – touching will give the user an exact idea of what kind and effects
   Blue: Healing – touching will give the user how to prepare/use the plant for healing and what it heals.
   Green: Food – touching will give the user an idea of how to utilize the plant for food and its preparation.
   Purple: Building/Crafting – touching will give the user an idea of how to utilize the plant for crafting or building.


Plant Tester
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