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Play-by-post roleplaying is an alternate term for the kind of roleplay we do on Mizahar. It is a somewhat formal name that places emphasis on the way stories move forward as posts on a forum. We do not usually label Mizahar as a play-by-post roleplaying site because we prefer our very own 'Writers' RPG' title. We feel it does a better job of conveying the dual nature of this hobby: gaming and fantasy writing. 'Writers' implies something deeper than just typing a post; and 'RPG' suggests that all our stories take place in the same fantasy world.

Play-by-post is a general format that is not strictly limited to roleplaying. It designates any simulation that can be run as posts on some forum or forum-like technology. The play-by-post platform has been considered in decline for several years, since the explosion of massively multiplayer roleplaying games. While it is undeniable that many casual players were snatched away by the immediate graphical satisfaction of such games, we believe that the play-by-post scene made itself an easy prey by refusing to innovate and generally allowing the quality of its content and roleplaying to drop. Sites like Mizahar have the ambition of turning the tide and proving the timeless nature of writing, fantasy, and stories.

For more information on the play-by-post format, you can check Play-by-post role-playing game on Wikipedia.