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Price list (Battlefield gear)

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Legend: gm = gold Miza, sm = silver Miza, cm = copper Miza

1 gold Miza = 10 silver Miza = 100 copper Miza

Battlefield Gear

Item Price Item Price Item Price
Archery Glove A fitted leather glove to protect the fingers from the bowstring. Normally there are only two or three finger pockets, since only the fingers that pull back the string need padded. 1 gm Archer's Arm Guard A single leather cuff covering most of or the entire forearm of the archer. Protects their skin from the bowstring. 1 gm Bones (game) 1 sm
Builder's Kit, Simple Contains a small hammer, small chisels, nails and a simple saw, for maintaining and building small structures and fortifications. 5 gm Builder's Kit, Complex Contains a hammer, chisels, nails, file, hand-bore, saw, a few sticks of chalk and a roll of parchment for maintaining, designing and building small-medium structures and fortifications. 25 gm Burning Oil (1 lb) 20 gm
Cards 10 gm Figurine 1 gm Folding Brace A steel pole with folding metal pads on either end that can be used to brace a wall 70 gm
Folding Stool 10 gm Hand Ram 2 gm Jacks 2 gm
Memory Stones Small stones with letters or simple images carved into them to help jog a person's memory. 1 sm Officers Outfit Various militant groups throughout Mizahar require certain outfits to be worn. These often include colors/symbols of rank and are of better quality than lesser members 30 gm Personal Banner 2 gm
Portable Ram 10 gm Portable Shelter A wooden case that when opened, folds up into a small shelter large enough for one person to get out of the elements. 25 gm Practice Dummy, Simple A wooden cross sunk in the ground that is meant to resemble the basic form of a human. It is often dressed in beaten-down armor that is of little use for anything other than training. Such practice dummies are useful for training in any form of combat from archery to swordsmanship and even unarmed combat. 10 gm
Practice Dummy, Advanced Two, tall wood beams are sunk in the ground. From either one, chains extend down to connect, at four points, to a wood/rope figure resembling a humanoid. The construct is mean to simulate to some extent, movement from a target as it is struck; thus granting simulated body response to a strike. It is useful in training any form of combat be it armed or unarmed. The dummy itself may be armored, clothed, or left bare depending on the needs of the training. 50 gm Punching Bag The punching bag is essentially a leather pouch packed tightly with straw or some other soft substance. It can be used to aid in physical conditioning but is most often used to practice one's techniques in the art of Boxing. 5 gm Rustproofing Oil 10 gm
Scabbard 4 gm Scabbard, Container 6 gm Scabbard, Dagger 2 gm
Scabbard, Fancy 300 gm Scabbard, Secret Container 9 gm Sharpening Stone, Personal 10 gm
Sharpening Stone, Wheel 200 gm Signal Banner 5 gm Soldier’s Outfit 5 gm
Standard 500 gm Training Post, Simple This is a simple form of training/practice dummy used to help develop and maintain one's combat skills. It is a wooden post partially covered in rope or with canvas pads packed full of chicken feathers and sometimes covered on top of that with metal plates. The post sunk in the ground. One then strikes at the post with parts of their body or with training weapons in order to hone their skills. 5 gm Training Post, Elaborate This is an upgraded version of the simple training post. From the main post there are various wooden extremities sometimes cushioned or armored, sometimes not. This post offers more points of contact than the simple one and thus a wider range of movement for training. 15 gm
Travel Coins The equivalent of gold mizas, these simple gold coins are often accepted by places not familiar with the miza. 1 gm Umbrella Hat 1 cm Waterproofing Oil 5 gm
Weapon Harness 5 gm Weight Set This set is made up of a 3 steel bars, one four foot long and two 18" long ones. There is also a series of iron disks with holes in the center which can be slid onto each end of the bar and clamped on with a simple thumb screw. The disks range from 5 lbs to 25 lbs and there are 200 lbs worth of disks. The purpose of the set is to aid in bodybuilding. A special bench sitting and/or laying on can be purchased for 8 gm extra. An overall good set to have in any barracks or training facility. 45 gm