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Price list (Enlightened and magic related)

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Enlightened, Magic and Magic Related

For the labs and kits listed here, the cost for replacing used/lost materials, items and equipment is half that of the full purchase price of the kit/lab.

Item Price Item Price Item Price
Acid (1-Pint Flask) A flask of corrosive liquid that can eat through most non-metal substances 10 gm Acid Bulb Consists of a thin, hard, spherical shell that is filled with acids and usually attached to the end of a long thrusting weapon, such as a spear. Usually found in use by undersea cultures. 90 gm Acidic Tar (½-Pint Flask) This thin glass flask contains a quantity of sticky, acidic tar that sticks to whatever it touches. The flask itself is quite fragile and great care must be taken in its handling. 50 gm
Embalming/Preservation Salts These salts are used primarily in the preservation of corpses in various religious and cultural practices. They are also commonly used by Nuit to aid in the preservation of their borrowed bodies. 10 gm / 10 lb Ivak's Fire (1-Pint Flask) This is a sticky, adhesive substance that ignites when exposed to air. You can throw a flask of Ivak’s fire to cause quite a bit of damage to an object or opponent struck by it. Ivak's fire is a rare material found near volcanoes in the form of slimy, sticky residue. It is most often found on rocks near volcanic vents. (Very rare to obtain) 20 gm Alembic, Greater A complex piece of glassware useful for philtering, the greater alembic handles several mundane boiling and separating tasks automatically, allowing the user to concentrate on other, more important processes. 100 gm
Antitoxin (Vial) Used to combat the effects of certain types of poisons. Antitoxins are specific to the poison that it is designed to combat. 50 gm Appraisal Kit Contains a variety of tools for identifying substances, alloys and methods of manufacture. Useful to jewelcrafters who may need to identify certain stones and determine their value. 50 gm Barrister Case This armored case is capable of holding up to four books; protecting them from water and moderate heat. 250 gm
Book, Common A common book, one that you are most likely to find in a shop is one that is poorly written with bad grammar and include personal stories and observations. They are basically someone's journal or diary. You don't buy a journal to learn Reimancy. These books cannot be used to learn skills. Though considered to be common, these books are still difficult to find. 5-10 gm Book, Average An Average book, one that is well written and might be more than a simple journal, may contain enough information to MAYBE will have just enough information to help you achieve an L1 in a skill. If we are talking magical skills, a VERY rare instance of one of these books may provide you with enough information to get you started on an L1 but that's about it. They are very hard to find and won't be found in your average shop. 50 gm Book, Blank These are books with pages yet to be filled. They are often bound with covers of leather although other materials such as wood or even bone are not uncommon. 3 gm
Book, Exquisite Exquisite books are Post-Valterrrian works of art. They often contain copied fragments from Pre-Valterrian sources and/or are written by those with high levels of education in different fields. Even then, you aren't likely to gain enough information for more than an L2 skill if you are lucky. These books aren't likely to be found for sale anywhere. 50 gm Book, Pre-Valterrian Pre-Valterrian books are more than 500 years old and are next to impossible to find fragmented and nothing short of a god quest will nab you a complete one. Starting with fragmented pieces of one of these books, it will cost at least 100 gm and we're talking a single page. The information rumored to be contained in these books is said to be quite extensive. 100-500 gm Candle Made from animal fat, a candle clearly illuminates a five-foot radius and burns for one hour. 1 cm
Candle, Standing This six-foot tall, one-foot wide candle stands upright on any flat surface. It is much like a a normal candle except for being larger. It illuminates a 25-foot radius and burns for 10 hours. 2 gm Candle, Smoking When lit, this candle produces thick colored smoke. A tiny amount of smoke powder is mixed into the candle along with a dye that creates the unique color when lit. 5 sm Choke Bomb These small, glass flasks contain a few ounces of dander gathered from animals. When thrown or dropped, the fragile flask breaks on impact and the dander spreads out into the air. This causes choking and sneezing to those within nearby (within 10 foot of the broken flask) 100 gm
Concealing Ring This ring has stone set in an ornate setting. The setting contains a concealed hinge and clasp, allowing the stone to rotate to the side. Under the stone is a tiny compartment, capable of containing a single dose of poison or other powder. Care must be taken when opening the ring to avoid spilling or otherwise releasing the contained material prematurely. 50 gm Akajia Orb Akajia orbs are small, four inches in diameter, balls of compacted, flammable material known as Akajia's fire diluted with non-flammable mineral powder that allows them to burn up to one hour. The orbs can be placed in lanterns, wall sconces or other receptacles and used as torches. The orbs increase the range of natural darkvision by 30 feet. Common in Sultros, rare outside of the Kingdom 50 gm Akajia Stick These four-inch-long sticks of Akajia's fire are commonly used for quick signaling, as they only burn for less than a minute. When lit, they work much like an Akajia orb however they increase natural darkvision by 60 feet and the glow is visible to others possessing darkvision from as far away as 500 feet. Common in Sultros, rare outside of the Kingdom 25 gm
Familiar’s Pack A way for familiars and animal companions to travel in style, this pack is crafted to provide comfort and protection for its occupant. Food pouches, a bladder for water, washable bedding and litter collection are all amenities the familiar’s pack offers. 90 gm Familiar’s Pack, Plated The same as a familiar's pack but with steel plating sewn in to provide added protection. 150 gm Fire Gloves Many philterers and even some smiths find that they need to handle very hot objects for long periods of time. Fire gloves are made from heavy animal hides with a lining of heavy cloth. 10 gm
Fireproof Oil Distilled from a variety of inflammable liquids and oils attained from any number of aquatic creatures, fireproof oil increases the ability of an item to resist the effects of fire and extreme heat. Each dose of this fluid may be used to coat an item roughly the size of five gallon bucket. The oil lasts for up to a day before losing its potency and becomes ineffective. 50 gm Flare Paste A heavy, black, slightly sticky substance that comes in a thick glass jar. The jar contains enough of the paste to cover a 10-foot by 10-foot area. When ignited, the paste burns for 20 seconds, doing damage every second to anyone that touches it. The paste burns bright white and ignites any flammable materials that touch it while it burns. Also found alongside Ivak's Fire, this paste is more common than the latter. 15 gm False Fire (½-Pint Flask) False fire is the common name for the faintly luminous oil made by many philterers from various types of luminescent moss. The oil doesn't give off enough light to see by, but does clearly outline whatever it covers in dim or darkened conditions. If contacted by bare flesh, it will create burns similar to mild sunburns. 10 gm
Isurian Gum A half inch of gum will hold five pounds of material at any angle from any surface solid enough to hold the weight without crumbling or breaking. Removing an item held by the gum after it has been in contact with it for one full minute requires a good amount of strength. 10 gm Jellyfish Breath This foul-smelling slime comes in a watertight pouch and can be inhaled through the nose and mouth thus granting the ability to breathe underwater for up to three hours. Once used, a person must enter the water within no more than 10 minutes or begin suffocating as the substance prevents air breathing until a few minutes before losing its potency. This substance is VERY rare and is usually found only in deepwater caverns of the Suvan Sea. 250 gm Glassware Be it bottles, beakers, bowls, vials or flasks, there is always need for such items. Price varies on size with vials being the cheapest and bottles/bowls being the most expensive. 1-5 gm/item
Glitter A pouch of glitter contains a metallic powder that, when exposed to air, flares into brief luminescence. The flare is more of an illusion created by light reflecting off of the powder's metallic surface. A pouch contains enough glitter to cover a single five-foot area. Everything in that area is covered with the glitter. 25 gm Glide Oil (10 Applications) The opposite of Isurian Gum, glide oil makes an item or person coated with it resistant to adhesion. The effects last for up to two hours. This substance is most often found in Sultros though it is rare outside of the Kingdom. Unfortunately, while coated with glide oil, an object is difficult to pick up, grasp or hold. Individuals coated with the oil will find it very difficult to pick up objects. 300 gm Ice Cutter A combination of concentrated salt and potent alcohol, when poured onto ice, melts it at the rate of one inch per 10 seconds. Each vial of ice cutter can cover a five-foot square and cut though up to four inches of ice. 15 gm
Ice-Maker A non-toxic chemical mixture that, when mixed and poured into water, chills the water down below the freezing point. A single pouch of ice-maker can freeze a five-foot square of still liquid in ten minutes. This powdery substance is most often found in icy region of Taldera. It is made from residue that forms on the bark of some trees in Taldera. 25 gm Identification Kit Sometimes a philterer does not have the space to carry around an entire lab, but does need to identify potions. The identification kit was designed for just such a thing. It contains carefully measured ingrediants, a few simple tools and a variety of vials. 50 gm Ink (1 Oz. Vial) This is black ink. You can buy ink in other colors but it costs twice as much. A single vial of ink holds one ounce. 1 gm, Colored 3 gm
Inscribing Paint This paint contains both metallic and black elements in a special mixture. When used to scribe fine lines this paint makes it look as though the lines are actually inlaid into the substance, not just painted on the surface. This is particularly useful for creating circles and glyphs. The average pot contains enough paint to inscribe a 10-foot radius area. 3 gm Jester’s Bell Philterers hang these over their equipment and around their labs to warn them of escaping vapors they might not be able to see or smell. 10 gm Otterskin This treated animal hide, backed with plant oils and philtered materials, can be wrapped around an object to provide a protection from water without altering or damaging the item itself. 90 gm
Paper (Sheet) A white sheet of paper made from cloth fibres. 4 sm Philtering Kit A large leather pack containing bottles, jars, mortar and pestle and various items required for producing simple potions (L1-L2). 150 gm Philtering Lab A large collection of philtering equipment including but not limited to, jars, mortar and pestle, books containing simple recipes and a handful of ingredients for producing simple potions quickly (L1-L2); enough ingredients for four L1 potions or two L2s. The lab equipment is sufficient for philtering up to L4; a room to hold the equipment is not included. (Can double as a poison-crafter's lab 400 gm
Parchment (Sheet) Goat hide or sheepskin prepared for writing on. 2 sm Quill Made from a variety of different types of feathers, a quill is effectively a feather with a sharpened end. 5 cm Robe, Philterer's A Philterer’s robe contains specially designed pockets and reinforced layers of padding to hold and protect fragile items, while keeping them accessible. Up to 10 items weighing less than one pound each can be kept in the pockets of this robe and up to 4 larger items can be stored within its special harnesses. 10 gm
Robe, Arcane Sometimes it is important that a djed-manipulator, regardless of specialization, look impressive. Such a thing is likely to be more common in places such as Sahova or the Silver Tower in Sultros. This thick robe has sweeping sleeves, elaborate embroidery and deep folds. 55 gm Robe, Pocket These robes have small pockets sewn throughout their sleeves, inner lining and other areas, each designed to be easily accessible. 7 gm Robe, Akajia An Akajia robe is usually dyed black and includes padded shoes and sound-absorbing lining to reduce the sounds one makes while moving. 35 gm
Robe, Kalean Quilted and thickly padded, a Kalean robe is designed to keep in as much of the wearer’s body heat as possible. Kalean robes are designed to be laced closed from neck to ankles and come with a drawstring hood that can enclose almost all of the wearer’s face to provide the most warmth possible. Nomads traveling and living in the foothills of Kalea often wear these as do people living in the coldest regions of Taldera 20 gm Ruler, Silk 50' of thin silk ribbon serves as a precise measuring device and a constant reminder of correct distance estimates. 80 gm Scroll See the entry for Paper or Parchment. Varies
Scroll, Waterproof This is a scroll written with waterproof inks on water-resistant parchments and then sealed in a watertight container. +10% to the cost Scrollcase, Isurian Steel This heavy, thick case is extraordinarily difficult to destroy 500 gm Scrollcase, Leather A simple, hollow, leather tube designed to hold rolled-up sheaves of parchment. 1 gm
Scrollcase, Watertight Constructed out of tin, the caps at either end of this scrollcase are sealed with wax to prevent water running inside and ruining the contents. 5 gm Smokestick This treated wooden stick instantly creates thick, dark smoke when ignited. The smoke fills a 10-foot cube. The stick is consumed after 10 seconds and the smoke fades quickly. The smokestick is covered in smokepowder to cause the effect. 20 gm Spiritist Beads These pebble-sized stones are made of stone containing small amounts raw iron ore making them exceptionally heavy compared to their small size. Each stone is encased in a strong netting which allows each one to be connected to another via a sturdy woven string. These stones are specifically designed to be smeared with Soulmist and turned into Ghostbeads which may then be used to create safe-zones from ghosts. Spiritist Beads almost always found only for sale by Spiritists and are inactive until smeared with Soulmist. Each section is 1-foot long but multiple sections may be purchased to increase overall size. 10 gm/foot
Staff, Arcane Made from darkly stained wood, this heavy staff has gold and or silver inscriptions on it. The inscriptions are stylized and not actually magical in nature. The narrow end of the staff has an elaborate metallic spike on it. The head will typically have either a stylized depiction of some animal or a large, rough crystal. An arcane staff, while heavy, is not very sturdy and tends to break when struck firmly against something. It is really more for show than actual use. 100 gm Staff, Explorer’s A smooth, hardwood staff having a few metal fixtures on it that makes it somewhat useful to travelers and explorers. It has a single, flat side which makes it possible to set it down without it rolling. It has a metal loop attached near its middle, just above the grip. The staff is strong and can take nearly 200 pounds at its center point before breaking. This allows it to be used as an effective brace or lever. Finally, the staff has a spiked end, aiding in balance so to keep footing on rocky or icy surfaces. 15 gm Staff, Extension This item comes in the form of 10 one-foot sections of wood and a pair of metal caps. The sections of wood are set with metal on each end; one has screw threads and the other is a sheath designed to accept those threads. As many sections as desired can be put together, resulting in a staff as long as one may wish. Note however that the longer the staff, the weaker it will be. 75 gm
Staff, Fire A fire staff is a hardwood staff with a setting for a glass orb and a gold-lined reservoir in the upper part of the shaft. The reservoir contains a tiny amount of Ivak's Fire. When the glass orb on the end of the staff contacts a solid surface, it shatters and splashes Ivak’s fire on whatever was struck. 145 gm Staff, Kestrel Stand A specially-crafted staff with a foot-long, perpendicular rod attached with a hinge to its upper end, this item serves as a way for various animal companions to rest within arm’s reach of their masters. Various trained birds as well as isurian brynkil often make use of these staves. 50 gm Staff, Hollow These staves look like any other ordinary, fairly thick (three-inch-diameter), wooden staff. However they have a hollow, metal core and at least one way of accessing the central shaft (usually on one end). Detecting the access point is difficult. The staff can store a total volume equal to one cubic foot of material, so long as no part of the material is greater than ¾ of an inch wide. This type of staff is often used by spies and messengers. 150 gm
Staff, Sage's A wooden or metal walking staff with a small built-in podium on its upper end. Traveling sages and storytellers may find use from such a staff as it provides a subtle focus for those who use them regularly; such staves are not a common thing so their use can draw attention. 75 gm Travelers Chest A three-foot by two-foot rolling or sliding chest on a leash. A traveling chest can contain an entire, carefully-packed, philterers lab, vital scrolls and potions, or any number of varied types of paraphernalia. While the chest may have large wheels to aid in its movement, some are designed somewhat like a sled. 100 gm