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Price list (Entertainment)

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Legend: gm = gold Miza, sm = silver Miza, cm = copper Miza

1 gold Miza = 10 silver Miza = 100 copper Miza

Entertainment Gear

Item Price Item Price Item Price
Bag of Glass Contains a variety of different kinds of colored glass, cut to resemble gemstones. 50-100 pieces in a bag. 10 gm Balls, Juggling (set of 5) 8 gm Disguise Kit (10 uses) A bag containing cosmetics, hair dye and small, physical props. 50 gm
Dramatic makeup (10 uses) Used by stage performers to over-accentuate their facial expressions, allowing their body language to be better seen over a distance, skilled artists can use the same materials to add emphasis up close as well. 50 gm False Faces Kit Consists of assembled disguises stored in protective sections of a slender wooden case, the false faces kit only provides three different facial disguises but can be switched out and applied in a couple of minutes. 150 gm Horn, Speaking A small horn that allows one to amplify and project their voice clearly over a short distance. 4 gm
Simple makup (10 uses) Used by just about anyone seeking to enhance their appearance or cover up minor blemishes. Includes a small amount of lipstick, powder, eye-liner and other basic makeup needs. Most often used by those with more than a few mizas to their name. 10 gm Lantern, Stage Sheds colored light in specific shapes through the use of tinted shutters. 75 gm Magician’s Chest Contains a false bottom designed to allow access to the center-stage trapdoor. The chest is also rigged to fall apart very easily. 100 gm
Manikin A jointed, wood and cloth doll made to resemble a featureless, humanoid creature. 180 gm Pocket Of Sashes Contains 12 multicolored sashes. One of the sashes contains within it a length of hard wire woven into the material. 20 gm Reversible Clothes Usually made as a shirt and trousers suit or a dress, reversible clothes can be pulled off extremely quickly, turned inside out and put back on with little effort. 250 gm
Trampoline 80 gm Tuning Fork 5 gm