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Price list (Magecraft Items)

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Legend: gm = gold Miza, sm = silver Miza, cm = copper Miza

1 gold Miza = 10 silver Miza = 100 copper Miza

Magecraft Items

Although the open practice of magic is frowned upon and even forbidden in some areas of Mizahar, there still exists a market for items baring magical properties. Those items crafted primarily through the use of Magecraft are often seen as less dangerous, more accepted and quite useful by even those who would otherwise condemn the use of magic by individuals. As a result, a number of minor yet quite useful items have made their way into various markets and bazaars throughout Mizahar. Due to the cost and effort required in producing Magecraft items, in addition to the danger involved in crafting high powered items, only items of a relatively low power level can be found for public sale. These items are never found for sale in random shops or general stores. They are exclusive to shops and businesses operated by the item's crafter and can be quite expensive even for simple items.

Items are listed with description, required reagents/catalysts, additional skill requirements in addition to Magecraft or skills used to construct the items itself including other magic and/or gnosis, the item's MC (Magical Coefficient) and the number of Magecraft steps. In order to operate a business that sells said items, the owner/operator must have the required skills/materials/gnosis for the listed items. Due to the extreme cost of materials, businesses dealing in Magecraft are few and far between and the items are considered rather rare or uncommon at best.

These are sample items that may be found in a shop dealing in Magecraft items. The listed items very well could be crafted through different means through the use of differing types of added magic, gnosis and/or reagents and catalysts, those found below are only examples of some things that can be found/made. The listed items may include Reagents/Catalysts in their creation. While items with less than 3 steps in a single category do not require Reagents/Catalysts, some optional materials can aid in the Magecraft process by granting additional properties. Some of the listed items below have optional reagents used in their creation to produce the desired effects.


These are items that provide some form of protection or defense from one or more of the many dangerous aspects of the Post-Valterrian World of Mizahar.

Item Price Item Price Item Price
Alarm Ring This ring is made from copper, silver or gold and is designed to help alert the wearer to a particular aura. These rings can only alert to a single aura and have a limit of a 100 foot radius around the wearer. When detecting the assigned presence, the ring will deliver a very quick jolt to the wearer, informing them of the assigned aura. This jolt only activates upon the initial detection of the assigned aura and does not give any indication of direction, quantity or any other information about the aura, only that it has entered the area of detection. Regeant/Catalyst: Blood of Assigned Presence, MC: 4, Skill: Auristics, Steps: 1 Magical (Auristics), 1 Behavioral, 1 Intellectual, 1 Gnosis (Zulrav). 15,000 gm Armband of Nature's Passage This armband is made of silver bands woven together with wooden strips and is designed to allow the wearer an easier time of traveling through thickly wooded areas. When worn, the armband responds to the presence of thick foliage that would otherwise restrict or bar passage. Branches will conveniently twist out of the way, vines will separate and thorns will dull so that the wearer can essentially create their own path. This will not cause entire trees to move nor will it eliminate the barriers; it only allows the wearer ease of passage and reduce or eliminate cuts, scratches or scrapes that may otherwise be incurred upon such travel. Regeant/Catalyst: None, Skill: Wilderness Survival: None, MC: 3, Steps: 1 Behavioral, 1 Intellectual, 1 Gnosis (Caiyha) 9,000 gm Beast Bane Beast Bane is a small metal amulet made of copper, silver or gold. It can be worn as an amulet or attached to a piece of clothing such as a glove, shirt or belt. The face of the amulet is etched with the shape of an animal such as a dog, cat, bear, etc. Beast Bane is designed to repel natural animals (animals that naturally occur in nature without the assistance of magic, gnosis or otherworldly forces) and deter them from threatening or harming the wearer. The affected animals will attempt to avoid the wearer though if pushed, will still attack. Basically, Beast Bane activates the flight instinct of the affected animal. Regeant/Catalyst: Blood or fur/scale/feather of affected animal, MC: 2, Animal Husbandry: 1, Steps: 1 Behavioral, 1 Intellectual. 5,100 gm
Badge of the Fallen This copper, silver or gold badge takes the shape of a feather. When worn, it grants minor protection to the wearer from injury sustained from falling great distances. While the badge will not make the wearer immune to physical damage taken from falling, it will seriously reduce the sustained injuries. If a fall would otherwise kill the wearer, the badge will reduce the damage to severely broken bones and minor to moderate internal bleeding, depending on the distance fallen. Of course, if the distance fallen would otherwise cause the wearer to shatter every bone in their body and splatter their innards, they will still die but the badge will save them from anything less; the amount of time they live after without medical attention however is still in question. Reagent/Catalyst: A bird's feather, MC: 2, Skill: None, Steps: 1 Behavioral, 1 Intellectual. 5,100 gm Fortitude Belt This leather belt bares a clasp of silver and is designed to provide the wearer with increased stamina and endurance. The wearer is granted increased physical fortitude and can push themselves further than they otherwise would be able to. The belt does not eliminate exhaustion, it simply delays it while tacking it on to the end. Thus, if one goes two days of activity without sleep or adverse affects, they must sleep two days to recover. However, the wearer will be able to function up to four days without physical repercussion although they will have to pay the price of four days of sleep in order to recover. Not paying this price will result in the effects of no sleep coming down upon the person with full strength. Reagent/Catalyst: None, MC: 2, Skill: None, Steps: 1 Behavioral, 1 Gnosis (Izurdin). 5,100 gm Hardened Shield This metal buckler shield possesses a hardened aspect which adds to its ability to absorb damage from weapons. Although not indestructible, the Hardened Shield can withstand an enormous amount of damage before finally giving in. This particular shield goes in the direction of practicality over beauty of appearance leaving it looking like an ordinary buckler while possessing supernatural strength. Reagent/Catalyst: A slice of skin from an Isur, MC: 3, Skill: None, Steps: 3 Structural. 9,000 gm
Iron Cloak Although often crafted as a cloak, the process used to Magecraft an Iron Cloak can be used on just about any piece of clothing. The Iron Cloak is crafted to resist tearing. While it is not indestructible, the Iron Cloak is able to resist normal wear and tear with ease and throughout extended use. It adds no added protection however against physical or magical attacks upon the wearer but will resist tearing as if it were made of much stronger material. Reagent/Catalyst: None, MC: 1, Skill: None, Steps: 1 Structural. 3,000 gm


These are items that are used more as tools than anything else. They do not have much in the way of defensive or offensive properties and are relatively harmless by themselves.

Item Price Item Price Item Price
Blind Fold This strip of black cloth is long enough to be able to wrap around one's head to cover their eyes. When worn and the command word spoken, the Blind Fold grants the wearer nightvision up to a distance of 50 feet. The effect lasts as long as the item is worn however if worn during the day, it will have no effect. The Blind Fold is especially useful for traveling at night when a light source may draw unwanted attention. Reagent/Catalyst: None, MC: 3, Skill: None, Steps: 1 Behavioral, 1 Intellectual, 1 Gnosis (Akaija). 9,000 gm Call of the Linguist This silver tongue piercing is tipped with a tiny ruby. It is designed to allow the "pierced" to speak a specific language based on the regeant used in creation (blood). So if Symenestra blood is used in the creation, the "wearer" can speak the language of the Symenestra at a basic level. When the wearer speaks in their own language, their words come out in the language the piercing is aligned to. This effect is activated via a command word, usually the word for the assigned language spoken in the wearers native language. Any language can be spoken this way as long as the right blood is used during creation. This also includes animals and sentient beings alike. Regeant/Catalyst: Blood of the spoken language, MC: 2, Skill: None, Steps: 1 Behavioral, 1 Intellectual. 5,100 gm Cube of Firestarting This piece of obsidian is carved into the shape of a cube. By themselves, the cubes provide heat equivalent to a warm blanket. The effect is constant and cannot be deactivated. When combined with the Flame Bowl, the cubes become capable of igniting a flame upon combustible material. Upon blowing on the cube, it breaks down into tiny fiery coals that are capable of igniting any easily combustible material. Reagent/Catalyst: Cube shaped piece of obsidian, MC: 2, Skill: Reimancy (Fire), Steps: 1 Magical (Reimancy). 5,100 gm
Firefly Globe This small glass globe is designed to create mild illumination in a general area or directed into a specific direction. The light effect is constant which means the globe must be covered to prevent it from producing light. The amount of light given off is equivalent to the average torch. Upon speaking the word for "brightness", the globe will produce focused light in the direction the user points the globe in. The amount of illumination is twice that of a torch focused on the target direction. Reagent/Catalyst: A firefly, MC: 2, Skill: None, Steps: 1 Gnosis (Priskil), 1 Intellectual. 5,100 gm Flame Bowl A clay bowl sculpted to a perfect finish, the Flame Bowl is etched with relatively simple glyphs along the inside rim. By itself, the bowl is capable of warming food placed into it to a temperature equivalent to the average bowl of hot soup. When Cubes of Firestarting are placed in the bowl, the cubes become able to start fires using combustible materials. Regeant/Catalyst: A piece coal, MC: 2, Skill: Reimancy (Fire): Novice, Steps: 1 Magical (Reimancy), 1 Intellectual. 5,100 gm Gourmet Spoon Crafted in the form of a metal spoon, the Gourmet Spoon is designed to turn any two ingredients including a solid and a liquid, into a edible, quite well-tasting substance. As long as the ingredients can be ingested, the spoon can turn them into a meal that can be eaten, enjoyed and provided nourishment. For example, a cup of water and a rock can be turned into a nourishing gruel by using the spoon. Regeant/Catalyst: None, Skill: Philtering: Novice, MC: 2, Steps: 1 Behavioral, 1 Intellectual. 5,100 gm
Hood of Grooming This velvet hood is designed to aid in simple facial grooming. By wearing the hood overnight, the wearer will wake up looking clean shaven with clipped hair and a healthy flush to the cheeks. They wearer will look as though they were clean, cropped and made-up to a perfectly presentable condition. The effects of the hood are not permanent however and one's appearance can still be disrupted through normal means. The hood can even make a nuit look a little more alive at least for a short time. Regeant/Catalyst: None, Skill: Morphing: Novice, MC: 2, Steps: 1 Behavioral, 1 Magical (Morphing) 5,100 gm Rain Repeller This item takes the form of a single piece of clothing such as a cloak, robe or shirt. The Rain Repeller is designed to cause rain and wetness to roll away from the piece of clothing thus keeping it completely dry. Regeant/Catalyst: None, Skill: None, MC: 1, Steps: 1 Structural 3,000 gm Soundstone This small stone is shaped from a piece of quartz. It is designed to create pre-recorded sounds that are set upon its creation. The type of sounds are numerous and depend on the reagent used. For example, if the stone were meant to reproduce an animal call, the blood of that animal would be required in the Magecraft process. Alternately, one could craft a short message or even a simple song into the stone using blood taken from their own tongue. Regeant/Catalyst: Varies, Skill: None, MC: 3, Steps: 1 Gnosis (Rhaus or Ionu), 1 Behavioral, 1 Intellect. 9,000 gm
Strong Rope Strong rope is rope that has had its strength increased via Magecraft. Strong rope, although not impervious to breaking, can withstand half again as much stress as mundane rope of the same material. Reagent/Catalyst: None, Skill: None, MC: 1, Steps: 1 Structural. 3,000 gm Waterbead Useful anywhere, especially in the desert, a waterbead is a bead made from a pebble taken from the center of a significant body of water such as a lake or river. When placed in an empty container and given a command word, the stone will produce enough water to fill an average-sized mug. The stone can only be used in this manner up to three times per day before it effectively overgives. If this happens, it becomes useless for a full day following the overgiving. Reagent/Catalyst: A pebble taken from the center of a lake or river, Skill: Reimancy (Water), MC: 3, Steps: 1 Magical (Reimancy), 1 Behavioral, 1 Intellect. 9,000 gm