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Price list (Mount related gear)

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Legend: gm = gold Miza, sm = silver Miza, cm = copper Miza

1 gold Miza = 10 silver Miza = 100 copper Miza

Mount-related Gear

Item Price Item Price Item Price
Armor, War-Dog This armor is essentially barding for war-dogs. It is made of leather with thin, light metal plate inserts that fit into pockets sewn into the leather. These plates help protect vital parts of the dogs body while allowing the greatest range of mobility. Adjustable straps allow for the perfect fit. 20 gm Barding, Padded 20 gm Barding, Leather 40 gm
Barding, Studded Leather 100 gm Barding, Chain Mantle 400 gm Barding, Hide 60 gm
Barding, Scale 200 gm Barding, Chain 600 gm Barding, Splint 800 gm
Barding, Banded 1,000 gm Barding, Half-Plate 2,400 gm Barding, Sea-Shell Made up of light-weight shells gathered from the sea, this barding is strapped to a sea-horse with tightly woven sea-weed and provides light protection for the mount. 100 gm
Bit And Bridle 2 gm Bit And Bridle (Sea-Horse) 2 gm Blanket And Hood, Horse, Huge 18 gm
Blanket And Hood, Horse, Large 8 gm Blanket And Hood, Horse, Medium 4 gm Branding Iron 6 gm
Cart (3 person) 15 gm Cart harness 2 gm Carriage (4 pass, 2 driver) This four-wheeled vehicle can transport as many as four people within an enclosed cab, plus two drivers who sit in front of the cab. In general, horses (or two other beasts of burden) draw it. A carriage comes with the harness needed to pull it. 200lb cargo limit. 100 gm
Carriage, Dorm (2 pass, 1 driver) This carriage is designed more as a house on wheels. It comes with a simple bed, a chest, small chair and a very small table. It is fully enclosed with wooden walls and a wooden roof. There is a small set of double-doors at the rear and a small door in the front just behind the driver's bench. This carriage can be pulled by one or two draft horses and can carry two passengers comfortably. 600 gm Carriage, Armored (4 pass, 2 driver) Same as a Carriage with the addition of a raised steel shield around the driver’s seat, metal wheels, axle and half-inch steel plates riveted beneath the wood shell. It has steel shuttered windows and steel doors. 1,500 gm Carriage, Ornate (4 pass, 2 driver) Has an exterior intricately carved, painted and lacquered, with gilt edges. Axel and wheels incorporate large springs. Also has Richly upholstered seats filled with goosedown. 750 gm
Carriage, Armored, Ornate Combination of an Ornate and Armored carriage sporting the best components of both types. (4 pass, 2 driver) 2,000 gm Chariot, light (2 person) A single-axle, two-wheeled vehicle usually pulled by one or two horses or other swift beasts of burden. It is intended for combat, not transport. 1 driver, 1 passenger. 40 gm Feed, 10lbs 5 cm
Grooming Kit Composed of five brushes of various types including a curry comb, body brush, face brush, mane comb, and mud remover, this kit also includes a hoof pick, shampoo, and hoof oil. All items come in a standard 2 gallon bucket. 5 gm Halter & Lead 1 GM Highline Kit This is a system where a long line can be placed between two trees or two fixed points and horses can be tethered to it overnight. The Kit includes tree bands, pitons to secure into rock, 100 feet of strong hemp rope. This kit is adjustable to highline up to ten horses at a time. 10 GM
Riding Quiver, Small Can be attached to a saddle or yvas and holds 20 arrows. 25 GM Riding Quiver, Large Can be attached to a saddle or yvas, holds 30 arrows and has a strap for height adjustment. 32 GM Plow 10 gm
Saddle, Light Cavalry 12 gm Saddle, Military 20 gm Saddle, Pack 5 gm
Saddle, Riding 10 gm Saddle, Sea-Horse 25 gm Saddlebags, Small 4 gm
Saddlebags, Large 8 gm Saddle Pad 1 gm Sleigh Bells (set of 3) 1 gm
Stabling (Per Day) 5 sm Wagon 35 gm Wagon, Covered An upgraded version of the common wagon, the covered wagon is larger and maintains a cloth cover strapped over a wooden frame which encloses the back of the wagon. Two people can lay side by side with a large chest at their heads or feet. 45 gm
Wagon harness (2 horse) 5 GM Yvas 2 gm Yoke, horse 7 gm
Yoke, oxen 5 gm