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Price list (Profession and Skill Related)

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Profession and Skill Related

This is a listing of various items that may be used in various professions or through the exercise of various skills. Miscellaneous materials, tools and other items will be listed here. Note that in some cases, the availability of various items is shown in the item title. With items that are Uncommon, you will need Storyteller approval and for Rare items you will need Help Desk approval; such items may still not be available depending on the circumstances.


These are some items that may be useful to herbalists and/or botanists. Listed pots are made of clay although other materials may be used varied prices. Clay is the standard however.

Item Price Item Price Item Price
Flower Pots (Small) 3 sm Flower Pots (Medium) 6 sm Flower Pots (Large) 1 sm
Plant Seeds (Common) 5 sm Plant Seeds (Uncommon) 1 gm Plant Seeds (Rare) 5 gm
Full Grown Plants (Common) 1 gm Full Grown Plants (Uncommon) 5 gm Full Grown Plants (Rare) 25 gm
Starter Plants (Common) 7 sm Starter Plants (Uncommon) 3 gm Starter Plants (Rare) 13 gm


These are some items that may be useful to those engaging in various artistic pursuits. Brushes are made from ox hair (sabeline); or more rarely, squirrel, pony, goat, mongoose or badger. Paint is often created through the use of various pigments consisting of root extracts, burnt shells, blood, dried/crushed flowers and various types of clays and other organic materials. Binder for paints is often made from various types of oils, eggs, milk, and hide glue (glue made from cooking down of animal hides/remains).

Item Price Item Price Item Price
Tiny/Detail Brush 5 sm Small Brush 1 sm Medium Brush 8 cm
Large Brush 6 cm Charcoal (10 sticks) 5 cm Paint Pigment 5 sm - 2 gm / .5 gal
Paint Binder 5 sm - 3 gm / .5 gal Pallete (wooden) 2 sm Ink Sticks (10 sticks) These small sticks allow ink to be carried around in a more space friendly manner. The sticks are formed by mixing ink with a binder and then left in a solid form. The sticks may be used as solids or heated to a liquid. 3 gm


These are some items that may be useful to those practicing falconry. Listed items include items for transporting, housing, and handling falcons and other large birds of prey.

Item Price Item Price Item Price
Hood Ensures that the bird remains calm while in the presence of humans, as otherwise it may become alarmed and distraught. Made from leather that makes it thin and supple, yet strong and durable. (One or three pieces of leather may be used one hood. 3 pieces is stronger, and also more expensive.) 1-3 gm Perch Perches emulate the natural for the bird and are used in the bird's mews. (Mostly made from wood) 5-10 gm Mews A unique cage of sorts to confine the bird. 15 gm
Jesses Thin straps, traditionally made from leather, used to tether a hawk or falcon in falconry. They allow a falconer to keep control of a bird while it is on the glove or in training. 2 gm Falconry Gloves These gloves are typically made of thick, tanned cowhide. Both small gloves (used for small birds and falcons) and larger gloves (Used for eagles and other large birds). Small gloves end at the lower arm and large gloves go all the way up to the shoulder. 6 sm


These are some items that may useful to those practicing blacksmithing These are items commonly found in a smithy. Note the standard anvil followed by a short listing of different kinds. Certain anvils tend to be designed for varied types of smithing. Anvils and similar tools will have weights listed to give an idea as to how heavy they really are.

Item Price Item Price Item Price
Anvil (70 lb) 45 gm Coachsmith's Anvil (80 lb) 50 gm Double-Horn Anvil (100 lb) 95 gm
Farriers' Anvil (35 lb) 20 gm Sawmakers' Anvil (40 lb) 65 gm Square Anvil (70 lb) 45 gm
Bellows 5 gm Great Bellows 15 gm Bick Iron (10 lb) Bick Irons are similar to anvils and smaller, but they have no base. The sharp bottom of a Bick Iron is commonly driven into a wood block or stump for temporary use. This allows the Bick Iron to be more portable. 5 sm
Botter (4 lb) An anvil-like tool used in conjunction with a hammer to bend metal. 6 sm Case Hardening Box (25 lbs) This box creates a hard shell from the surface of the iron piece. The piece is sealed in the container, packed with charcoal, and heated for a period of time. 2 gm Cinder Rake 5 sm
Coal Shovel 5 sm Fire Tool 2 sm Heading Tool Used for making bolts and nails. A different sized tool is required for each size of bolt or nail. 4 sm
Iron Drill 8 gm Metal Saw 4 gm Metal Vice 1 gm
Hand Vice 3 sm Pinchers 8 sm Screw Plates A flat metal plate with one or more holes drilled, tapped, and filed with a cutting edge for threading screws, pipes, or rods by hand. 5 gm
Sledge Hammer 1 gm Stone Hammer 10 gm Tongs 6 sm
Whetstone 2 cm Whetstone Wheel 20 gm