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Price list (Ranged weapons)

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Legend: gm = gold Miza, sm = silver Miza, cm = copper Miza

1 gold Miza = 10 silver Miza = 100 copper Miza


Ranged Weapons


Item Price Item Price Item Price
Crossbow, Bracer Mounted on a metal bracer that clasps normally around its wielder’s wrist. The bracer has a central groove for the bolt, a notch at the close end and a trigger extending forward. The weapon is loaded with both hands, but fired with only one. 85 gm Crossbow, Hand A smaller version of the standard light crossbow meant to be fired easily with one hand. 100 gm Crossbow Bolts (10) Standard missile for very small crossbows. 1 gm
Dagger, Throwing A small dagger with a slender blade. It is specially constructed for throwing and is lighter and smaller than a normal dagger, a throwing blade has a much longer range than its larger cousin but is nearly useless in close combat. 1 gm Knife, Spider Throwing Wickedly sharp, this multi-bladed dagger is well balanced for throwing in a horizontal fashion where its multiple blades can cause serious wounds upon a target. 10 gm Shuriken Tiny blades often shaped in a star form. They are very lightweight and quick to throw. 1 gm
Slingshot Said to have been invented in the jungle, residents their discovered certain resins combined well with intertwined strings to make a very elastic cord. Thus came this Y-shaped wooden stick with this elastic string tied on both arms, with a sling at the center. It is a good substitute for a normal sling in the restrictive confines of heavily-wooded areas. 5 sm Slingshot (Benshiran) Used by the Benshirans; desert shepherds that utilize slingshots as a projectile weapon to keep predators away from their flocks. These special slingshots are small enough for children to carry and don't require extensive strength to utilize. They can be bought in Yahebe, but are more often traded for, as Eyktoli people prize goods more than currency. Lighter than a standard slingshot yet just as effective. 6 sm Slingshot Bullets (10) Although any object of a similar size and strength can be shot, slingshot bullets are stones specifically chosen for their size and weight; providing the best "bang for the miza." 1 sm


Item Price Item Price Item Price
Axe, Throwing Lighter than a handaxe and balanced for throwing. 8 gm Boomerang Similar in function to a throwing stick, the boomerang is a curved piece of bone or wood designed to be thrown. When thrown right, the boomerang will return to its point of origin. Note that such a function only works for hunting when used against animals smaller and lighter than the boomerang. 4 gm Chakram A thrown weapon with the shape of a flat metal hoop baring a sharp outer edge. While capable of being used in melee, it is primarily used for range attacks. 10 gm
Crossbow, Light The standard crossbow requiring two hands to fire. 35 gm Crossbow Bolts (10) Standard missiles for a light crossbow. 1 gm Crossbow, Aquatic EXTREMELY difficult to find, the string of this weapon is constructed from many wrapped twines of waxed sinew, the wood treated and all metal parts made of brass to resist the corrosive effects of constant immersion in seawater. In the water, this crossbow functions without difficulty. On dry land, it is no different than a light crossbow. 175 gm
Crossbow Bolts, Aquatic (10) These bolts are fluted and spin slightly in flight, thus enabling them to be used underwater far more effectively than conventional bolts. 2 gm Dart The size of a large arrow with a weighted head. 5 sm Flutegun Difficult to purchase in the open market, it looks like a normal flute but has hidden blowgun mechanism. It can be played and used as a weapon at the same time. The needles are not enough to do any real harm but they can be coated in poison. Only holds one needle at a time. 15 gm
Flutegun Needles (20) Tiny, very sharp slivers that can be fired from a flutegun. 5 gm Rope Dart A metal dart-like pin connected to a 9-16 ft long silk rope. 4 gm Rope Dart, Bladed A rope dart where the dart has had small 2 to 4 blades attached to it's top sides. 5 gm
Rope Dart, Chained A rope dart where instead of a silk rope, a small linked chain is the 'handle'. 6 gm Rope Dart, Chained/Bladed Similar to the bladed rope dart, but with a small linked chain in place of a silk rope handle 7 gm Sling A piece of leather used to hurl lead bullets. 1 sm
Sling Bullets (10) Tiny lead balls specifically designed for use with a sling. 1 sm Whip Often made from thick leather, the whip can be quite painful and is often used to trip or wrap around things both living and not. 1 gm


Item Price Item Price Item Price
Blowgun A long, hollow tube designed to fire poisoned needles. 10 gm Blowgun Needles (20) Slender needles fired from a blowgun and usually coated in poison. 1 gm Bolas, 3-Ball Made from three, heavy, wooden or metal spheres connected by a length of chain or strong cord. Spun, thrown and used to entangle and trip. 15 gm
Crossbow, Heavy A larger, heavier version of the light crossbow requiring two hands to fire. It has roughly double the range of the light crossbow and can fire up to 160 feet. 50 gm Crossbow, Quad (Isurian) Built around a heavy and durable shaft, this weapon has four crosspieces mounted in pairs and at right angles to one another. Four bolts may be loaded simultaneously and they are fired as with a normal crossbow with the wielder simply turning the weapon ninety degrees after each shot to make ready the next bolt. This allows the rapid firing of what is the equivalent of a heavy crossbow. 395 gm Crossbow Bolts (10) Bolts sized to fit and be fired by heavy crossbows. 1 gm
Crossbow, Repeating (Isurian) Similar in most ways to a heavy crossbow but with a special loading mechanism that allows a case containing five bolts to be loaded and fired. After each bolt is fired, the next one is automatically loaded in place. 250 gm Crossbow, Repeating Clip (5 Bolts) A specially designed wooden case containing 5 crossbow bolts to be loaded in a repeating crossbow. 1 gm Harpoon, Light A lightweight pole with a barbed blade attached to one end and a length of rope at the other. Most often found in use aboard ships. 10 gm
Javelin A light, flexible spear intended for throwing. 1 gm Lariat A uniquely woven length of rope with a special knot tied in it forming a loop at one end. When spun around and tossed toward an opponent with one end held tight then yanked upon landing, the loop tightens around the target. 1 gm Net Has small barbs in the weave and a trailing rope to control netted opponents. 20 gm
Shortbow The classic bow used by cultures across the continent. 30 gm Shortbow, Composite Made from laminated horn, wood or bone and built with a recurve, meaning that the bow remains bow-shaped even when unstrung. It is capable of firing further and with more of a punch than a normal shortbow. 75 gm Shortbow Arrows (20) Common missile fired from a shortbow. 1 gm
Symenestran Lash A whip-like weapon with a bone hilt. Its end is wire like with a sharpened edge on one side able to cut skin. Used like a garrote wire or whip. 70 gm


Item Price Item Price Item Price
Bladed Bow A longbow with a thin-but-well-sharpened blade at one end, it is intended to give archers a defensive weapon when charged in combat. However, the blade is no substitute for a good sword and the bow itself is heavier than other designs, but only has the pulling power of a short bow, greatly reducing its effectiveness. 95 gm Crossbow, Siege A massive weapon of awesome power. Impossible for a human to operate without resting it upon a solid surface or using the foldaway bipod on its underside. Will puncture most normal forms of armor but is very slow to reload. 250 gm Crossbow, Siege Bolts (10) Typical missiles fired from a siege crossbow. 25 gm
Longbow Most often found in use by military archers on the battlefield, the longbow has a much greater range than a shortbow and is quite a bit larger as well. 75 gm Longbow, Composite Made from laminated horn, wood or bone and built with a recurve, meaning that the bow remains bow-shaped even when unstrung. Able to fly farther and with more impact than a regular longbow. 100 gm Longbow Arrows (20) Typical missile fired with the use of a longbow. 1 gm
Staff Sling A sling attached to the end of a five-to-six-foot-long pole and capable of slinging stones with a much greater force than a simple hand-held sling. 3 gm


Item Price Item Price Item Price
Ballista Essentially a very large crossbow. 500 gm Ballista bolt A massive crossbow bolt large enough to rip a hole through a man. 1 gm Catapult, heavy A large engine capable of throwing rocks or heavy objects with great force. Requires 3 to 4 people to operate. 800 gm
Catapult stone, heavy A large stone meant to be fired from a heavy catapult. 1 gm Catapult, light This is a smaller, lighter version of the heavy catapult requiring 2 people to operate. 550 gm Catapult stone, light A large stone meant to be fired from a light catapult. 1 gm
Ram The battering ram is a simple device consisting of a heavy pole—either suspended by ropes from a movable scaffold or held aloft by troops—that is repeatedly smashed into a gate or other barrier to break it down. The end of the pole is often shod in iron, which can be forged into a variety of decorative shapes such as dragon heads. The typical battering ram is 30 feet long. Requires at least 10 people to operate. 1,000 gm Siege Tower This is a large wooden tower on wheels or rollers that can be rolled up against a wall to allow attackers to scale the tower and thus to get to the top of the wall with cover. The wooden walls are usually 1 foot thick. A typical three-level siege tower is 30 feet tall and can hold nine people per level. It can be pushed by the nine creatures on the lower level. 2,000 gm Trebuchet A trebuchet uses a heavy counterweight to fire heavy projectiles an extraordinary distance. The trebuchet uses a 30-foot-long swing arm on a fulcrum with twin buckets filled with rubble attached to one end and a sling for the ammunition attached to the other end. The counterweight buckets are hauled into the air by a winch system and held in place by a latch. Requires 6 people to operate. 1,200 gm
Trebuchet stone A massive stone fired from a trebuchet. Weighs around 150lbs. 4 gm

Special Arrows

Item Price Item Price Item Price
Arrow, Armour Piercing (20) These arrows have long, narrow, metal points instead of the broader heads commonly used with most arrows. This far smaller impact area of the arrow allows it to punch straight through armour with ease. 20 gm Arrow, Barbed (20) With vicious, curved, back-hooks lining the head, this arrow causes a great deal of pain and damage when removed as it digs into flesh. 10 gm Arrow, Broad (20) This arrow has a broader head than a normal arrow, making it heavier and able to deal more damage when it hits. 15 gm
Arrow, Fire Fire arrows are specially designed to stay alight even in the midst of wind and rain through the use of a broad head and a small internal reservoir of oil. 15 gm Arrow, Fishing (20) Has small, barbed hooks and waterproofed fletchings to allow fishermen to easily catch fish just beneath the surface of water. 4 gm Arrow, Flight (20) Lightly constructed in order to give them much greater ranges. 3 gm
Arrow, Game (20) These arrows have blunt, heavy tips designed to stun small prey rather than completely destroy it. 4 gm Arrow, Whistling (20) Often used for signalling in the midst of battle, or as warnings by sentries, whistling arrows emit a distinctive, high-pitched sound when fired, by funnelling air through channels in the head of the arrow. The noise is easily audible to any within 60 feet of the flight path of the arrow. 20 gm

Ranged Extras

Item Price Item Price Item Price
Bow Case 20 gm