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Price list (Subterranean)

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Legend: gm = gold Miza, sm = silver Miza, cm = copper Miza

1 gold Miza = 10 silver Miza = 100 copper Miza

Subterranean Items and Tools

Item Price Item Price Item Price
Axe, Stonecutting This thick headed axe is mounted with a short blade and a shallow arc, perfect for powering through dense rock. 90 gm Climbing Harness The climbing harness is loaded with tools to make the job easier, from small picks to pitons to carabineers. 50 gm Collapsing Cart A collection of steel poles, heavy leather and folding cross-supports, the collapsing cart can hold 200 pounds in its deep pouch, suspending the weight over a single, reinforced-metal wheel. 40 gm
Descending Staff (Isurian) A metal-shod, ten-foot pole with hinged, six-inch arms mounted every two feet along its length. One end bears a sharp, iron spike, which can be used to anchor the pole into solid rock. The side arms can be extended and retracted by pulling a lever on the other end, providing an instant ladder wherever needed. 60 gm Firebox A simple cube of iron plates with a bellows on the back and an open front. Coal is burnt inside the box and the open side of the box is placed as close to a rock face as possible. The heat from the fire cracks the stone, allowing miners to complete their work more quickly. 100 gm Fungal Rations These come in a small cube (six inches on a side), which contains a mulch of various types of mushroom and other organic bits, covered with a wool screen. On top of the screen, a dozen or more edible hybrid mushrooms grow, feeding on the material below the screen. The edible mushrooms will continue to grow at a regular rate, providing enough food for a single person each day, as long as the mulch is replenished on a regular basis. 50 gm
Gas Finder This cylindrical device contains an oil-fed flame, which draws air through a one-way valve on the bottom and expels smoke and fumes through another one-way valve at the top. A strand of waxed hair is strung through the cylinder far enough above the flame to avoid burning under normal conditions. If a dangerously explosive gas enters the gas finder, however, the flame will burn through the hair, causing both valves to slam shut to prevent an explosion. 200 gm Giantspars Massive caltrops made from a wooden core and large, metal spikes, giantspars are useful for slowing the progress of large creatures in cavernous settings. 80 gm Lye, Scouring This scouring solution made of lye and alcohol helps remove build-up of silt and sediment from tools and surfaces. 5 gm
Miner’s Pack Reinforced with steel plates and stitched together with wire, the miner’s pack holds two cubic feet of material and up to 200 pounds in weight. 150 gm Pick, Miner’s Similar in most ways to the common weapon, this pick is weighted and specially designed to aid in digging through stone. 3 gm Pulverizer (Isurian) A cylindrical, iron device is used to crush rock into fine gravel and dust, which can be more easily tested for the presence of precious metals or gemstones. It is roughly one foot in diameter and height, with a flip-top lid and a crank handle. After stones are placed in it and the lid clamped into place, the handle is turned. This rotates a number of grinding wheels inside, using gears to maximize the available force, crushing the rocks thoroughly. A pound of rocks can be ground to a gritty powder in an hour. 200 gm
Sounding Drums (Pair) These deep bass drums are played with hammers, using certain simple codes to send messages to a distance of over a mile underground. 80 gm Sifting Pan After rocks are crushed, the remains are thoroughly washed in this pan, where the grooves and ridges around the edges capture heavier pieces (particularly metals and gems) while allowing the dirt and other impurities to wash away. 20 gm Slide Grease Composed of mushrooms, minerals and a bit of some stinking oil distilled from coal, slide grease is an extremely slick substance used by miners to assist in moving large chunks of rock. 25 gm
Travois, Miner’s Consisting of a full roll of heavy leather attached to long poles and wheels on one end, a miner’s travois wraps around an injured occupant, protecting them from inadvertent damage during transport to safety. 60 gm