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Price list (Underworld)

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Legend: gm = gold Miza, sm = silver Miza, cm = copper Miza

1 gold Miza = 10 silver Miza = 100 copper Miza

Larceny and Underworld

Item Price Item Price Item Price
Acid (Per vial) Acid can quickly eat through rope, soften up metal, ruin a lock or serve as an impromptu weapon. 5 gm Bird’s Tongue A bird’s tongue is a simple, circular membrane stretched across a coin-sized metal ring. When placed at the back of the throat it raises a voice by an octave. 3 gm Blackface (5 uses) This cream paste is darkened through charcoal and sepia ink. Safe to apply in moderate amounts, blackface dyes the skin of any user jet black for four hours per application. 50 gm
Bodysuit, Silk Constructed of refined, hard-wearing black silk, the bodysuit both aids in staying within shadows and also moving with extreme quietness. 225 gm Caltrops (Bag) 1 gm Camouflage Makeup 10 gm
Compartment Book 10 gm Disguise Kit, Waterproof 250 gm Ear Blade This is a simple blade attached to a bracket that sits uncomfortably behind the ear. 15 gm
False Knife A hollow hilt with a dull blade, when the dagger strikes a target, the blade sinks into the hilt. 5 gm False Tooth A false tooth is simply a hollow bone carved in the rough shape of a tooth. A false tooth is useful for hiding very small objects, like tiny scraps of paper, or a thin garrotte wire. 2 gm Finger Blade Attached to a ring worn near the knuckle of any finger, this blade sits snugly between outstretched fingers where it will be hidden until needed. 4 sm
Flash Powder This item is a small packet of powder that produces a bright and smoky, but otherwise harmless, explosion when detonated. 75 gm Glass Cutter Padded with sound absorbing cloth, the wooden cone of the glass cutter conceals a diamond-tipped scoring blade wound by a handle. When placed against glass, one merely need turn the handle, gently scoring the glass until a complete circular hole is cut, wide enough to allow the passage of arm and hand to snatch valuables or unlock windows. By placing an adhesive on the surface of the wooden cone, one can ensure that the cut glass does not accidentally slip from the cutter and break. 10 gm Gloves, False Finger Leather gloves to which a hard, metal extension has been added, effectively extending the fingertips by one inch, enough to store small scraps of paper or fine garrote wire. 3 gm
Horse Nails (Bag) Designed to drive a long, thin spike up into the foot of any heavy being that steps on it with more than 400 pounds of force. A single bag of horse nails will adequately cover a 10-foot by 10-foot area. 30 gm Jailbreak Tools A specialised set of thieves’ tools designed to deal with jail cell bars and heavy masonry. 60 gm Listening Cone A hollow cone made of wood or paper, though some may also be constructed out of shell. When placed against a door or wall, the listening cone amplifies muffled sounds, allowing a rogue to eavesdrop on conversations he may otherwise not be privy to. 5 sm
Lock Picks, Long Stemmed These picks have long handles, allowing one to attempt to pick a lock or disable a trap from up to five feet away. While this may allow one to avoid the effects of a triggered trap, the long-stemmed picks are rather difficult to use with the same precision as a standard set of lock picks. 100 gm Marbles (Covers 10 sq.ft. area) 8 sm Mask A simple black leather face covering. 3 sm
Nettle Cloak Appearing as a normal cloth cloak, the long steel spikes sewn into its hem and collar drive into anyone trying to grapple with the wearer causing severe pain and wounding. 40 gm Oilskin Bodysuit Made of sleek, tight-fitting leather coated in a sheen of oil and treated to retain that coating for days at a time. Must be treated weekly to continue to work. Allows one to easily escape being held or allows one to slide through otherwise tight openings with ease. Wearing any sort of armor however negates all benefits of the suit. 80 gm Quiver, Climber’s A climber’s quiver has a covered top and a cork-lined base that holds arrows (or bolts) securely. Extra straps hold the quiver tight against the body, keeping it from swinging free at inopportune moments. 50 gm
Thieves’ Tools The kit includes one or more skeleton keys, long metal picks and pries, a long-nosed clamp, a small hand saw and a small wedge and hammer. 30 gm Thieves’ Tools, Exceptional Similar to normal thieves tools but of much higher quality. 100 gm Vest, Burglar’s Designed to conceal various tools that requires one to exercise more clandestine skills, the vest also incorporates rings for climbing ropes, tear away sections to evade holds and grapples and padding to cushion impacts. 75 gm
Weapon Tarnish This tar-like substance spreads extremely thinly on metal, dulling its gleam and yet not interfering with a blade’s sharpness. Someone using weapon tarnish will not have his position betrayed by his weapon glinting in the light. 4 gm