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Price list (Weapon related)

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Legend: gm = gold Miza, sm = silver Miza, cm = copper Miza

1 gold Miza = 10 silver Miza = 100 copper Miza

Weapon Related

The following items may be added to a weapon with their listed values added to the overall weapon cost. In the case of weapon materials, the price modifier is applied to the weapon AFTER all other extras and modifiers are totaled.

Different Weapon Materials

Item Price Item Price Item Price
Isurian Steel Weapons forged from Isurian steel are twice as durable as the highest quality iron and half the weight. They hold their edges longer and are prized for their use in magecrafting. Only Isurian smiths are capable of crafting weapons from Isurian steel as it requires the use of their specialized arm in the forging process. Note that Isurian steel is VERY rare outside of the Kingdom of Sultros thus it is only available for a starting package if you are Isur or have an Isur contact (consult a storyteller). Cost x 5 Cold Iron Weapons forged of cold iron, also called cold steel, are of superior quality; possessing greater durability and holding an edge longer than traditional iron or steel. The iron gets its name from being cold to the touch even when exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time. It is rumored that these weapons can cause greater harm to the undead than other weapons although such claims are unfounded. Cold iron is found in iron mines alongside normal iron deposits but at a severely reduced ratio. It is slightly more difficult to work than normal iron or steel but tends to produce greater quality weapons. Cost x 3 Flint Crafted through the process of knapping, flint weapons are quite crude. They are most often used by simpler more primitive societies and by those who either lack the skill or resources to work metal. Cost / 2
Glass Glass weapons are primarily found being used for ceremonial or decorative purposes. While crafted to be more durable that other items made from glass, they are not suited for use in combat. That is unless they are magecrafted or bare gnostic properties. Cost x 2 Iron Iron is most often used in the forging of tools and basic implements. Iron weapons are considered inferior to steel and are more susceptible to rusting. For use in weapons, iron does not hold as sharp of an edge. Cost / 1.5 Steel Metal weapons or any weapons containing metal on Mizahar are most commonly made up of steel. Steel is the the primary metal of choice for weapons and is the most available. Listed Cost
Practice, Metal Core Metal-cored weapons are wood that is bolted to a thin metal strip. The metal strip grants them a bit more durability and helps to simulate the weight of true metal when training with weapons. Such weapons are still too fragile to be of effective use against metal ones. Cost / 2 Practice, Wooden Wooden practice weapons are most often used to aid in learning to use a weapon. They are blunted, lightweight and of no use in combat against weapons of stronger materials. Cost / 4 Pure Copper Copper weapons, while being softer than steel, are rather valuable due to the fact that copper is often used for monetary purposes. Also, due to copper being quite malleable, it is often used in crafting more decorative, ceremonial weapons than strictly combative ones. Ages ago, copper was a more common material although such items were crudely made and bare little resemblance to more recent specimens. Cost x 4
Pure Gold Gold is quite malleable and is most often found in ceremonial weapons than actual combat unless magecrafted, baring a gnosis mark or charged with izentor. As gold is the primary monetary unit of many societies, getting enough of it to forge a weapon is very expensive. Cost x 7 Pure Silver Though slightly harder than gold, silver is also used primarily in the crafting of ceremonial weapons. It's use as a monetary unit makes finding enough to forge weapons with quite expensive. Cost x 6 Bone/Ivory Weapons crafted from bone or ivory range from being quite common to being quite rare depending on one's culture, religion and/ore location. Weapons made from common animals are obviously common while weapons made from the bones of rare, dangerous, mystical or otherwise uncommon creatures are more expensive. Sometimes weapons made from human bone may be found, these are considered somewhat rare as well. Cost / 2 - Cost x 4
Voril These are exceptionally well crafted items that have been handled by a Voril Mage and infused with Vorilescence. Cost x 10

Weapon Extras

Item Price Item Price Item Price
Atlatl Sometimes called a spear-thrower, this tool uses leverage to achieve greater velocity in dart-throwing, and includes a bearing surface which allows the user to temporarily store energy during the throw. The overall effect is that a spear or dart may be thrown with increased speed and power. 3 gm Crossbow Bayonet 20 gm Handle Tip 15 gm
Hilt Flail 10 gm Kusari Gama 35 gm Ornate Flail/Mace Head 30 gm
Serrated Blade 18 gm Sword Guard, Catcher 15 gm Sword Guard, Ornate 125 gm
Sword Handle, Grip 10-100 gm Sword Handle, Ornate 50-100 gm Sword Pommel, Ornate 50-150 gm
Sword Pommel, Weighed 15 gm Swordstealer Hilt 10 gm