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Qalaya's Reproduction Table

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This antique drafting table is portable, though barely - only insofar as a strong man could carry it. It folds into a case that is six feet by four feet long with handles. Once unfolded (much like a massage table folds and unfolds into a case), it will glow and transform into something more substantial and a magical set of parchments will appear on its surface. Off to one side of the parchments, there is a tray carved out of the surface of the table. It is perfect for holding writing supplies, ink, or placing within it a fragment of a ruins.

The Reproduction Table does two things. First and foremost, if a fragment of a structure is placed within its tray - a chipped off piece of column, a brick, a piece of cobble, a broken shard of glass etc - then the table can do two things with it. First and foremost, from that single fragment of a building (or ruin), it can recreate the complete blueprints of the original building so long as the building was completed. It functions through Qalaya's power so it will 'remember' what the building was. If the building was unfinished it will show the building unfinished in its blueprints with blank blueprints of the non-completed parts. That is the first function.

The second function is that it can recreate in magical drafting lines - a full or miniature sized - reproduction of said fragment so the person using the table can view a life-sized version of this building and to some extent walk through it. The building will appear as glowing lines of marked out space as if the person using the artifact was walking through the blueprints. Now, this obviously only works full-sized when the person activates this option outside where there is room for the building to be recreated. Thus, it helps that this drafting table is portable. If there is no room for an actual sized version.. a miniature three - dimensional version of this building will appear on the table.

Please note that walkthroughs of floors other than the first floor (ie the second floor, on up or the basement levels) are impossible unless the user has wings. :)

This reproduction table will work on other artifacts besides structures... wagons from a fragment of a wagon wheel, or even recreating armor from just a missing buckle. Plans will be drawn of each item the table tackles.

Once drawn, the plans can be ripped off the table and new parchment will appear when a new fragment is put into the tray.

The user of the table can switch from various modes simply by voice commands.... "Blueprints Please". "LIfe-Sized Model Please." "Minature Model please." Using the voice command 'switch' between commands will cause the table to cycle from one mode to another.

This table's top can be tilted as well and it can be used as a non-magical drafting table when it's not being asked to reproduce things from the past or things that will come.

This Reproduction Table comes with no seat though it will adjust its height to suit the one or ones using it.


Qalaya's Reproduction Table
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