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Rae Tisserand

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Rae Tisserand

Rae Tisserand
Date of birth478 AV (aged 45)
Place of birthWind Reach
TitleProprietor/Dreamweaver(Sublime) of The Dreaming Lady
Fortune Telling42
Gnosis marks

Rae Tisserand along with her twin, Chemar, is the owner/proprietor of The Dreaming Lady spa, having inherited the Wind Reach business from their parents. Rae is the quieter of the two sisters, demure and reserved in her life practices. Her vibrant red hair is a contrast to her nearly translucent porcelain skin. But the real definition of her face rests in her eyes, a subtle mottling of green and amber that hold a serenity that affects all that meet her.

In her job as Dreamweaver, Rae uses her gift of Auristics to guide patrons through the interpretation of their induced visions. She has a special affinity for the sublime,taking the most intense visions of satisfaction and revealing all the nuance and intricacy to those she serves. In concert with Chemar, she can offer guidance to all that seek it through their dreams.

Favored with two marks from her God, Nysel, Rae has been granted a unique insight in regards to her profession and affords her the most intimate connection to her clientele.