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The Regions of Mizahar

Mizahar is divided into six regions. Each region contains its own unique geography, climate, and diversity of peoples. Below is a brief outline of each region and what they consist of. For a more complete list of the cities and people found in each region, please read the City_list and Race_list pages.



Falyndar is comprised of dense jungle, wild cannibalistic people with fierce rituals, and an amazing variety of life (mostly insects!). It is isolated, incredibly difficult to navigate, and is home to the Myrians and Dhani peoples.


Kalea is a lofty land filled with volcanism and daunting peaks. Home of Mizahar's tallest mountains (most of which are active), Kalea is most famous for sheltering the Isur deep in its heartland, and humans that ride giant eagles in the isolated city of Wind Reach.


Taldera is truly Mizahar's expanse of wild forest. Known for its dire sized animals and its incredibly huge tracts of wilderness, Taldera is a hunters paradise and one of the most wildlife rich environments found on Mizahar. Famous for its northern icy wastes, Taldera is home to Avanthal - the Winter Queen's city - where humans take living in northern extremes to an incredible artform.


Considered one of the last bastions of civilization, Sylira has by and large the biggest population of people. Sylira grows the vast majority of foodstuffs and shelters most of the safest places for people to live. Syliras is the main city, home of the Syliran Knights, which is the main reason for the civilization in the region. Sylira also contains Ravok, home of the Ebyonstryfe who oppose the Syliran Knights. Sunberth, a city of anarchists, also resides there, just north of Zeltiva, which is the last bastion of scholarly pursuit.


Cyphrus is an enormous Sea of Grass. It stretches on for miles and houses vast herds of migrating deer, bison, elephants, and horses. It's major city is mobile, consisting of tents and migrating with the vast majority of animals. On its coastline, a giant waterfall where the Bluevein River falls into the Suvan Sea houses an extraordinary city built into the waterfalls cliff called Riverfall, home of the Akalak.


For being the hottest region on Mizahar and home of a vast desert, Eyktol actually has a wide variety of people and culture. It is also the home to unusual creatures and fierce extreme weather. Water is more valuable than gold, and the faint of heart don't travel alone ever.