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RaceHuman (Nykan)
Place of birthNyka
TitleOwner of the Nine Staves
Fortune Telling60


Her face has been described as like a memory, with little to distinguish it from any other stranger’s—perhaps intentionally so. They say she is the last remaining of the original Nine, though she seems far too young; most infer she must be a daughter of one, for she is the person the rest seem to follow. Though she is talkative, ready to encourage anyone who asks (or doesn’t) about the truth of her beliefs, the conversations she leads are convoluted, full of riddles and unnamed secrets. Every word could mean another, but so is each as friendly and patient as the last. Despite her eccentricities, her knowledge of her pseudo-religion has lent her at least an air of wisdom that few can deny.


As the current leader of the Nine Staves, she represents the teachings of the original Nine however she can. She believes the world of magic is more complex than scholars and their books could ever fathom, searching for meaning and power between the lines. Like her peers, she believes that this unnamed power exists beyond the gods and is neither fully comprehensible or controllable. Nonetheless, she strives to understand it, if not wield it, excusing hypocrisy for ambition. She performs long and detailed rituals to try to learn about these powers but, while she allows anyone to take part, has been shunned by most of the city as a crackpot mystic or an evil blight who would do harm to the people of Nyka. Whatever her reputation, she has managed to keep away from the city's eye and lives quietly, inviting anyone with an open mind to discuss religion and djed.