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Repeating Shells

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These medium-sized conch shells usually come in pairs and this set is no exception. Identical in every way, the Repeater Shells allow a set of individuals to each have a shell and communicate with each other via the shells. If one user has one shell, speaks into it, the other shell in the hands of the other user will be able to hear what it said out of the echo chamber of the first shell and vice versa. If all is relatively quiet, they can hear and communicate with each other without holding the shell up to their ear. Repeater Shells can also be used to spy on others by being left strategically in say a decorative capacity on a bookshelf in the office of someone who owns the shells. The person can then overhear anything spoken clearly and in relatively close proximity to the shell without anyone being aware. Conversely, though, someone near the shell left as a spy device can often overhear the spy if they are not careful about muffling their own shell. These shells have tiny Leth marks within the spirals of their interiors.