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Retirement happens when a player actively stops playing a character and wants to put them on the proverbial shelf to gather dust and not play them any longer. Players on Mizahar can only have a total of five active PCs at any one given time, so when one PC stops being interesting, one option is to 'retire' that PC in favor of creating a new one if the player already has a maxim of five PCs. There are a few rules to retiring characters.

  • Request Retirement via the Help Desk
  • Your character must have over 50 posts. If you want to change your character before the 50 post mark, feel free to do so as long as you have not threaded details that you then edit out of the character such as skills, lores, or rp'd locations. You can change your characters skills, locations and histories if they have been rp'd so long as you have a DS remove all threads that have been ran under the previous changes and that DS has the permission of ALL parties involved in the threads.
  • Retired Characters can be unretired at any time so long as you request this via the Help Desk.
  • The Help Desk has the right to refuse retirement of anyone thus limiting the amount of PCs an individual player can have. This will only be used in the case of people who make multiple PCs frequently and regularly and then simply retire them to make more.

If you are found to have more than 5 PCs and refuse to retire the ones over 50 posts (or that does not drop you down to 5), you will simply be asked which ONE pc you'd like to keep and the rest will be retired. You will then not be allowed to make any more PCs without permission.