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The Song of the World
TitleThe God of Music and Bards
DomainMusic, Bards, Storytelling
Divine rank3
SymbolsHarp, Music Note
Worshipped inThroughout Mizahar
Rhaus is known as the God of Music. He is sometimes referred to as The Heartbeat of Mizahar because every living heartbeat on the planet pounds in time to Rhaus’ music. It is said his music resides in all souls everywhere, living and dead. Definitely Mizahar’s original Songmaster, Rhaus’ spheres include all forms of music and to some extent poetry. Rhaus represents the divine power of inspiration and the ability to control emotions by verse and beat. Rhaus, however, is neither good nor bad holding a great many chaotic tendencies close to his heart. Heavily associated with Kihala, the Goddess of Life, and Leth the God of the Moon and more importantly Change, Rhaus considers the two his closest companions. Dira and more importantly Lhex are considered directly opposing him because Rhaus bucks tradition in all things including death and fate. He feels mortals should have the ability to create their own destinies and do whatever they love, though he demands if they love something to do it well. Having many wild adventures with Cheva, the pair has often been considered lovers if not mates for life. Rhaus revels in a good romance and has been known to appear to mortals to play for them in order to help create a bit of this atmosphere and inspire love.

Rhaus is also known for his ability to make mischief. His minions, the bards of Mizahar, roam far and wide taking shelter with anyone who will trade a comfortable bed and a meal for a nights worth of entertainment. Rhaus’ followers often carry news as well, having acted as some of the first mail carriers throughout Mizahar after the Valterrian. Rhaus’ most trusted followers, the Resonance, are secretive operatives hiding in the guises of average bards roaming the land furthering Rhaus’ will.

Rhaus himself normally appears as an eccentric older man with a noted lack of hair on his head, though he usually sports an impressive mustache. Vantha in appearance, Rhaus’ age fluctuates from very young to very old; often matching the age of those he appears too. Rhaus is very personable, approachable, and is one of those deities with a tremendous curiosity which allows him the will to appear before quite a few people yearly to converse and play. While he doesn’t exactly hide his identity, he doesn’t usually advertise who he is either.



Rhaus's Appearances
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