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Ricard Landre

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Ricard Landre
RaceHuman (Nykan)
Date of birth434 AV (aged 89)
Place of birthNyka
TitleGatekeeper at the Palace of the Supplicants


Any who step up to his desk would first recognize the hunch of his body and the persistence of his cough. Ricard is mumbling, short-tempered, and in recent years, hard of hearing. He listens to your name and purpose, writes them down, and would rather not know anything else from you. Though he is prone to short outbursts and seems to be losing his once sharp mind, he keeps people moving on days when the Celestials are available and, despite how much they complain about the wait, has never kept anyone longer than sixteen days in his whole career. He keeps his papers in neat stacks, but any organization in them is known only to him. They say that they day his stacks are tipped will be the day his heart stops.


Ricard was born a sickly boy with dreams of greatness. He tried more times than he will admit to complete the Selection Test among Laat’s finest but, due to his weak lungs and lacking physique, was ultimately never awarded his robes. Nonetheless, the Celestials recognized devotion and, with his analytical mind and talent for organization when he worked among the Halls of the Robes, deemed him worthy as their assistant. He has sat at that desk for over five decades, shuffling in at dawn and out at dusk, without fail.