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Rima (Grite)

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Rima (Grite)

Date of birth477 AV (aged 46)
Place of birthWind Reach
Riding (Eagle)34
Weapon: Shortbow55
Wilderness Survival: Mountains72


Rima became an Endal at a much later age than most Inarta tend to. She spent her younger teens and twenties as an Avora hunter and Wilderness guide. She often accompanied Endal through the valleys and mountains of Kalea, lending them survival aid as well as a helping hand in hunting. She was also known well for guiding caravans into and out of the mountain. Her exposure to the Endal groups so often eventually led to her bonding with an Eagle whose previous partner had been killed.

Grite has bonded twice in her life. Once when she was still a chick to a young and bright Inarta girl. Their personalities were so similar that they became instant friends and worked well together. However the immature attitude of both the young Eagle and Endal eventually led to the death of her first bondmate. Soon after she bonded again with Rima, a polar opposite of her first partner. They bonded because they understood each other when they were out on missions. They don't get along nearly as well back at home though.


Rima is a young middle aged Inarta with very long, bright red hair. She is the pinnacle of Inarta appearance with her short stature, pale skin and feathers in her hair. She is rather alluring to most men around her, and it is not uncommon for her to partake in these pleasures. But one would not know coming from her. She keeps her private life very seperate from her place as an Endal.

Like Rima, Grite is bright red. Her plumage is auburn and maroon, crimson and russet. She has some white in her feathers, along with some black, but they too seemt o turn more red as the years progress.


Rima feels the need to prove herself not only to the other Endal but to the Eagles as well. She was not chosen as an Endal at the normal age and so now she plays catch up. However she is extremely grateful about her Caste change and veiws it only right to try and pay back her city with the same kindness it showed her. She seeks out the most dangerous or most important missions available to show her loyalty to Wind Reach.

Grite is also trying to prove herself to the other Eagles. Many see her first Endal's death as careless and often puts the blame on the young eagle. She welcomes the chance at the missions her current Endal volunteers for. She wants to show not only her peers but her new partner that she is capable and won't fail this time.

--Emergence 20:03, 5 October 2016 (UTC)