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Ring of the Emerald Flame

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This slightly oversized ring is made from an unknown, oddly lightweight metal that is silver in color and set with a round, green stone. The ring has the power of Projection and grants that power to the wearer. Unlike “normal” uses of projection - which are typically invisible, the use of the ring creates a semi-transparent, fiery green arm and hand that can be seen while the power is in use.

The ring has a Projection skill of 15 and can be used up to 5 individual times per day before needing to be recharged.

To recharge the ring, it must be placed in direct contact with an open flame for 8 bells.

While recharging, the fire it is placed in burns green.

Once obtained, it cannot be given away or sold; doing so will cause it to lose all powers and abilities.


Ring of the Emerald Flame
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