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Rings of power

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Rings of Power

Rings of Power

The Gods and Goddesses of Mizahar are known for not only marking their favored with Gnosis but for gifting a number of different types of blessed tokens to those worthy of them. While these items can take many forms, a popular one is that of a ring. There are many unique rings that represent individual deities with some being more powerful than others and all with their own varied histories.

Where mentioned, a Scene is defined as a significant event taking place over the course of a single thread.

Listed below are some of the more common Rings of Power that can be obtained through the use of special Coupons awarded as prizes for completing certain writing challenges.

Rings of Power

1) Akajia – Ring of Shadowdancing: This ring calls upon surrounding shadows to protect the wearer. A half-a-dozen shadowy forms, in the shape of the wearer, appear in the immediate area. The wearer appears as one of them and is randomly shifted from one shadow to another so that one is never certain if the shadowy duplicate they are looking at is actually the wearer. (-10 to rolls to touch the wearer or affect them with targeted strikes)

(2) Akvin – Ring of Creation: This ring allows the wearer, when faced with a problem that cannot be solved by normal methods, to create a simple mundane item or part to help solve the problem. For example, a wagon breaks a wheel and there are no materials or skills to repair it. The ring allows the wearer to create a wheel. Any of these creations last a single day before turning to dust. Created item is limited to mass equal to the wearer.

(3) Aquiras - Ring of Reduced Distace: This ring allows the wearer to create mystical doorways that allow for travel up to 100 yards in line of sight, thus reducing travel time significantly. (Only works once per day)

(4) Avalis - Ring of Prediction: This ring allows the wearer to predict the next action of anyone whom they encounter. Any number of actions may be predicted but only for a single person. (Effectively grants the wearer a +10 to rolls against a target for the duration of the scene)

(5) Bala - Ring of Autumn Leaves: This ring allows the wearer to call forth a mass of dried leaves or needles. The leaves can be shaped to form a wall, shield or projected as a stream or cloud against a target, severely distracting and disorienting them. (Causes opponent to suffer -10 to all rolls for the duration of the scene)

(6) Caiyha – Ring of the Wild Collective: This ring allows the wearer to call upon surrounding plants to animate and aid them. Vines, roots, branches all whip, wrap, bash or slam a target. (Causes opponent to suffer -10 to all rolls. Out of combat plants can be animated to help with minor, mundane tasks)

(7) Cheva – Ring of Love’s Embrace: This ring causes someone to fall madly in love with the wearer. The target understands what it takes to make the wearer love them and does whatever they can to make themselves appealing to the wearer. (Can be resisted with Resolve; rolls made once per day)

(8) Dira – Ring of Before and After: This ring allows the wearer to call upon the mystical jackals who serve Dira, Before (black) and After (white) will aid the wearer in hunting down the living and the undead and make them pay for trying to escape the cycle of life and death. (Once per Season, lesser versions of Dira's jackals can be called upon to track down a ghost, undead or one who has otherwise defied Death)

(9) Eyris - Ring of Knowledge: This ring will grant the wearer knowledge of a skill they do not already possess and the wisdom to use it most effectively. This happens when the wearer is in desperate need of a specific skill and has no knowledge of it otherwise. (Grants a single skill with a value of 5, that the character does not already possess, when the wearer needs it most.)

(10) Eywaat – Ring of a Hundred Crows: This ring allows the wearer to explode into a murder of crows; granting flight and sight through the eyes of the crows. As long as one crow remains alive, the wearer can return to their normal form. (Can fly up to 100 feet at a time before needed to rest for a few moments; it takes a lot to coordinate so many crows)

(11) Gnora - Ring of Balance: This ring will provide the wearer with a single aspect of balance in a given situation. For example, if faced with an opposing force that has a great advantage in a particular area, the ring will balance the situation. Perhaps it provides the wearer a temporary boost to a skill to equal the contesting force or it may cause things to happen that otherwise level the playing field. )A single opposing action to the wearer will have any bonuses, skill or otherwise, nullified making the both sides equal in that one, specific action. Once per scene)

(12) Harameus - Ring of Assimilation: This ring allows the wearer to absorb a single property from an inanimate item and use it to empower themselves. A piece of iron could have its durability absorbed, providing the wearer with skin as strong as iron for example. (Duration is once per day)

(13) Ionu - Ring of Disguise: This ring allows the wearer to overlay their body with a full sensory illusionary disguise. The wearers voice, race, clothing and even their scent can be altered and maintained by the ring until they wish it to change. (Duration once per day)

(14) Ivak - Ring of Fiery Upheaval: This ring allows the wearer to absorb the anger of those around them. This absorbed anger builds within the ring until the wearer expels it in the form of a fiery aura that surrounds them. When a large amount of anger has been absorbed, a fiery explosion erupts, centered around the wearer who remains unharmed. (Causes an automatic moderate wound to anyone within 15 feet of the wearer who is not immune to fire)

(15) Izurdin - Ring of Measured Strength: This ring allows the wearer to increase their physical strength through patience. When the wearer keeps their calm and maintains their reasoning despite especially adverse conditions, their strength increases in turn up to 10x their normal capacity. (Usable once per scene)

(16) Kelwyn - Ring of Opportune Moments: This ring allows the wearer, when all seems hopeless and they are almost certain to fail, to find a single aspect of the situation that may save them. For example, the wearer is trapped in a burning building with no possibility of escape. The fire is about to consume them when a nearby wall falls away offering a narrow but useable route for escape. (Usable once per scene)

(17) Kihala - Ring of Life: This ring allows the wearer to fully restore life to a single individual who has died from causes other than those caused by advanced age. This only works once before the ring becomes powerless for that wearer. It can be used on the wearer or someone else; leaving the choice up to the wearer to live with the consequences of that choice; good or bad. (The restored must have been dead for no longer than 25 years, they must have died and there must be a body or some part of the body in the wearer's possession for this to work. Subject to the Goddess' approval.)

(18) Krysus - Ring of Reflective Agony: This ring allows the wearer to cause pain to someone else equal to the pain caused to the wearer. For example, someone attacks the wearer and causes a moderate wound, that person will also suffer a moderate wound. (Usable twice per scene on a chosen wound)

(19) Laviku - Ring of the Kraken: This ring allows the wearer to call upon a massive squid which will obey a single command, once per year. The squid is truly massive with tentacles as big around as some of the largest tree trunks and a beak big enough to easily swallow a person whole without issue.

(20) Leth - Ring of Change: This ring causes the wearer, when the sun sets and moon rises, to transform into the perfect version of themselves. The wearer assumes their perfect physical appearance, minus any blemishes or signs of aging. They are in peak physical health and remain this way until the moon sets. (+10 to all rolls from sunset to sunrise)

(21) Makutsi - Ring of Rivers Guardian - This ring causes the wearer to experience a greater sense of connection when in close proximity to a river or stream. The wearer feels more calm, confident and in-tune with themselves and the river or stream they are near. They can sense disturbances to the natural order up to a distance of half a mile up or down stream. They also gain a bonus of +10 to rolls involving the defense of the river and/or its denizens.

(22) Morwen - Ring of Winters Might: This ring allows the wearer to lower the temperature in an area to freezing levels and control resulting elements. Surrounding water freezes, the air grows incredible chilled and can be directed to focus on certain targets, frostbiting them or even freezing them in place. (Affects are restricted to a 10 foot radius around the wearer. Living creatures suffer a -10 to rolls when this power is used. Usable in combat once per scene)

(23) Myri - Ring of Victorious Battle: This ring allows the wearer to enhance themselves from their victories over others. With every victorious battle, the wearer is able to endure a single strike that would otherwise prove fatal. The ring can store up to 5 victories that can be used to ignore death in battle.

(24) Nikali - Ring of the Lustful Slave: This ring allows the wearer to enslave those whom they have sexual encounters with. The victim loses their freewill and becomes hopelessly in lust with the wearer. Up to 6 slaves can be created via the rings power but they must remain within 50 feet of the wearer or control is lost. Resolve roll to resist)

(25) Nysel - Ring of the Sleeping God: This ring allows the wearer to call upon constructs drawn from the collective dreams or nightmares of all who have worn the ring prior. These constructs are merely echoes, meant to induce fear and terror or joy and happiness. They have no real skill or mind of their own and are more actors with predefined rolls based on how they were remembered by that particular owner. (-10 to a targets rolls for the duration of the scene when used in combat, resolve roll to resist)

(26) Ovek - Ring of Luck: This ring allows the wearer to roll a pair of mundane dice, draw a mundane card from a deck or flip a mundane coin and more often than not, gain the knowledge of the most profitable path to take in a given situation. (1d100 roll in Discord, 1-65 the wearers next action grants 25 gm, 66-100 nothing happens. Useable once per thread)

(27) Priskil - Ring of Radiance: This ring allows the wearer to banish despair and infuse all who surround them with hope. Enemies of hope, those who seek to control others and embrace darker, evil ends will become victims of Priskils burning light. (+10 to the rolls of the wearer and their nearby friends OR -10 to the rolls of before mentioned bad people)

(28) Qalaya - Ring of Memory: This ring allows the wearer to record a tiny piece of themselves in their writing. Perhaps their voice is recorded in writing so that when read, the wearers voice is heard. If a description of the wearer is written, their ethereal image can be seen. If a book is written about the wearer, they may actually regain some form of immortality through the written word; a manifestation of the wearer powered by the writing in the book as fueled by the magic of the ring.

(29) Rakkeli - Ring of Regeneration: This ring allows the wearer to regrow lost or diseased body parts. Lost limbs are regrown, lost eyes are reformed, diseased limbs or organs are dissolved and regrown with healthy ones. Loss of the head is still fatal and loss of the ring hand can be regenerated by moving the ring to the other hand. Otherwise, non-decapitation critical wounds are reduced to serious. (Usable once per scene)

(30) Rhysol - Ring of Shattered Reality: This ring allows the wearer to literally break some element of reality. They turn up into down, love into hate, water into dust or truth into lie. Contradiction is their plaything and they can make one thing become the opposite through the power of the ring. (Usable once per scene)

(31) Rhaus - Ring of Exemplary Recording: This ring allows the wearer to speak aloud a song, story or poetry and have it recorded by the ring. The ring may then repeat the recording in a way that inspires, incites or otherwise deeply affects those who hear it. (+10 to a single roll related to the theme of the song. Usable once per scene)

(32) Ruros - Ring of the Apocalypse: This ring allows the wearer to cause others to see and to some extent feel what a final battle between the gods and mortals may look like. Such a thing can either inspire or cripple would be warriors; drawing them to ones cause or demoralizing the enemy. (+10 to ally rolls and -10 to enemy rolls for the duration of the scene. Usable once per scene)

(33) Sagallius - Ring of Puppet Mastery: This ring allows the wearer to create a puppet from a bit of wood and string. The raw materials literally stitch together and form puppet that can be controlled by the wearer from a distance. With some flicks of the fingers, the wearer can make the puppet do anything it wants within the limits of its form. It can open doors, carry light loads, even wield small weapons such as knives for example. It cannot cast magic however. (Last the duration of a scene)

(34) Semele - Ring of Fine Earth: This ring allows the wearer to shape stone into any inanimate form they can imagine within the limits of the amount of stone available. Up to a 500 lbs of stone can be manipulated per day but it will take further shaping with tools to refine and beautify any sculpted work. Material cannot be created or destroyed, only reshaped.

(35) Sivah - Ring of Excessiveness: This ring allows the wearer to influence the mood of a crowd in a way that inspires excessive behavior such as drinking, eating, dancing and love-making. People are more likely to be friendly and happy despite being of different backgrounds and professions. The effect is not unlike mass hypnotism that inspires such activities. (Lasts the duration of a scene, Resolve roll to resist)

(36) Ssena - Ring of Fear: This ring allows the wearer to surround themselves with a tangible aura of fear. The aura twists the wearers appearance to make them look horrific (not gross or disgusting, but truly frightening). This aura affects all who come within the immediate area of the wearer and they will feel the effects even if they cant see the wearer. (Causes -10 to opponent's rolls in a radius of 25 feet. Lasts duration of the scene. Resolve to resist.)

(37) Sylir - Ring of Leadership: This ring allows the wearer to inspire peace and cooperation through profound leadership. The wearers words and actions can cause people to subconsciously want to follow them. If someone is otherwise opposed to the wearer, they may find themselves losing motivation to continue the opposition when the wearer activates the power of the ring. (Grants a +10 bonus to Leadership for the sake of inspiring others. Usable once per scene and lasts the entire scene.)

(38) Syna - Ring of Rejuvenation: This ring allows the wearer to feel a profound burst of energy upon the rising of the sun. Fatigue melts away almost instantly as the suns rays make contact with the ring. The wearer is untouched by fatigue for the entire day until the sun sets. No matter how much physical or mental activity they engage in, they will never feel tired. When the sun sets however, fatigue will wash over them in waves at least until the sun rises once more.

(39) Tavasi -Ring of Competitive Edge: This ring allows the wearer a boost to ability when engaged in a competitive situation. A fight, a race, a contest of any sort will find the wearer with a boost in strength, speed, knowledge, etc., such that it will make a contest more competitive. It wont assure the wearer success but it will be just enough to make it a neck-and-neck finish. (+10 to rolls when in competition with others. (Lasts the duration of a scene)

(40) Tanroa - Ring of Times Reversal: This ring allows the wearer to rewind time by 30 seconds; just enough time to correct a single mistake. It can only be used once for any particular action. There is a danger however with messing with time, even with such a short amount of it. The more the wearer uses the ring the more confused they become as different pasts and futures begin to clash, potentially causing the wearer to become lost in their own warped perception of time. (Every use of the ring has a cumulative effect of adding 1 point to a Confusion pool. Each time the pool is filled by 10 points, a Resolve roll is needed against a difficulty of 1d100(+10 each time) up to a maximum of 1d100+100. Failure means the wearer's mind is forever sent adrift on Time's River.

(41) Tyveth - Ring of Honor: This ring allows the wearer some significant amount of defense against dishonorable acts. Sneak attacks and backstabbing will fail against the wearer. The offender will find their weapon flung from their hand which in turn feels a jolt of crackling numbness that shoots up their arm. (Opponents suffer a -10 to all dishonorable strikes against the wearer. Always active.)

(42) Uldr - Ring of Desecration: This ring allows the wearer to animate a corpse with the unholy energies of unlife. The corpse is empowered and held together by Uldr's will and will obey simple orders of the wearer such as attack, protect, guard and similar single word commands. Only one of these animated corpses can be maintained by the ring at any one time. (Lasts until the body animated corpse is destroyed. They are quite fragile and can only take the equivalent of one serious wound before their unliving body fails. They have basic physical skills of Unarmed Combat 10, Endurance 10 and Weapon 10.)

(43) Vayt - Ring of the Pestilent Rat: This ring allows the wearer to call upon a servant of Vayt to serve them. The servant takes the form of an exceptionally large rat; bloated with disease and infection (which doesnt seem to bother it). The rats fur is patchy with open sores all over its body. Its bite spreads a contagious disease and its blood is poisonous on contact with anyone but the owner. The rat obeys the wearer without question as long as the wearer is working in the best interest of Vayt. (Lasts until destroyed, angered or annoyed with the wearer. A successful bite causes an additional minor wound to an opponent as does coming in contact with its blood.)

(44) Viratas - Ring of Heritage: This ring allows the wearer to take on the physical form of one of their ancestors. While the wearer will not have any of their ancestors memories, thoughts or feelings, they will looking identical to their ancestor as they were in the prime of their life. (Usable once per scene for the duration of the scene)

(45) Wysar - Ring of Disciplined Endurance: This ring allows the wearer an enhanced sense of endurance fueled by a profound aura of discipline. The wearer can resist extreme amounts of pain before succumbing to its effects. While the wearer feels the pain, it is felt more as a growing numbness that will eventually consume the body and render it unconscious. Until then, the wearer feels almost detached from the pain as if it weren't their own. (Wearer can resist pain from any wounds that are not critical for the duration of a scene. At the end of that scene, all the pain from those wounds will come crashing down at once; potentially killing the wearer if they are not careful)

(46) Xhyvas - Ring of Possibilities: This ring allows the wearer to separate themselves temporarily from reality; allowing them to see the possible outcome of their next action and choose the one that will be most successful. As with Tanroas ring, overuse of the Ring of Possibilities will cause the wearer to lose themselves to all the possible outcomes of every action. (The wearer gains a +15 to a single roll once per scene after having seen the possible outcomes of the affected action. Every use of the ring has a cumulative effect of adding 1 point to a Confusion pool. Each time the pool is filled by 10 points, a Resolve roll is needed against a difficulty of 1d100(+10 each time) up to a maximum of 1d100+100. Failure means the wearer's mind is forever lost to the realm of possibility.

(47) Xyna - Ring of the Deal: This ring will allow the wearer to know the best course of action in relation to a business deal. It will provide them with the insight needed to get the most profit from a transaction and in a pinch, will actually create a handful of coins if needed to complete a particular deal. (Once per scene, the wearer can create 15 gm for the sake of purchasing something. If they own a business, the wearer gains a 1 gm/day boost to final income)

(48) Yahal – Ring of Purification: This ring will allow the wearer to purify poisons, expel toxins and burn away impure and corrupting thoughts and feelings. This affects not only the wearer but anyone they may touch. When used on others, the affect will last for the rest of that person’s life, constantly battling the opposing forces. (Only a single impure or corrupting effect can be purged permanently. This does not prevent other impurities or corruptions from taking hold in the future however.)

(49) Yshul – Ring of the Perfect Crime: This ring allows the wearer to pick any lock and avoid any trap, mundane or magical. It will cause those searching for the wearer to simply not see them even if they are walking in direct line of sight. Witnesses will see inconsistent and irrelevant details about the wearer that will hide their true identity. (Usable once per scene and adds a +15 bonus to a single Larceny roll)

(50) Zulrav – Ring of the Stormlord: This ring allows the wearer to call upon a bolt of lightning that shoots down from the sky regardless of weather conditions. The bolt will hit the wearer and infuse them, temporarily, with the power of a storm. With a wave of their arm, powerful winds can blow a person off their feet. With a snap of the fingers, a bolt of lightning will strike the ground near a target; possibly hitting them. A simple rain dance can bring down a monsoon. This lasts but a short amount of time however, leaving the wearer as tired and calm as the eye of a tornado; needing quite a bit of rest before being able to endure the rings fury once more. (Usable once per scene. Can call upon a single lightning strike with a 50success/50failure shot of hitting a target causing a single serious wound)