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Roland Brathson

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Roland Brathson

Roland Brathson, Priest of Tyveth
Date of birth446 AV (aged 77)
Place of birthSyliras
Long Sword48
Gnosis marks

Roland Brathson is the Priest of Tyveth in Syliras. Most the time he can be found at the Temple of All Gods, or in Dyres District helping the Knights.



Roland is, for many, one of the toughest looking men they have ever seen. His body shows the many scars of battles and pain, the most notable of which are the fact that his left leg is missing from the knee, and his right hand missing several fingers. Despite his old injuries he still manages to get around quickly with the assistance of a very sturdy crutch he always keeps with him. Regardless of his beaten appearance, even the solid gray of his receding hair, his green eyes shine with a determined light, and he carries himself with a noble bearing few can mistake.


Ser Roland, many still referring to him by title despite his retirement from the Syliran Knights, is a man who exudes nobility and honor in everything he does and says. Even with all he has suffered he has refused to become jaded against what is good and right. He is respectful to all by default, but those he knows as ones who break the rules are treated as such. He holds little respect for even those that skirt the rules, but any action he takes against those who cause problems is always justified and fair. He does have a soft spot for those who are completely pure and innocent, like young children, and has been known to gift a particularly sweet young child with a small treat or toy.


Roland was an extremely dedicated and noble Squire, and impressed many Knights with his devotion to all that Tyveth represented. He proved himself during his Quest, and thus became the fine Knight everyone expected him to be. His promising career was cut short when he lost his left leg at the knee while fighting a group of slavers by himself. Despite the danger and injury to himself he managed to defeat the slavers and free the slaves, and it was after this noble sacrifice that Roland received his first mark from Tyveth.

Refusing to let his injury keep him from helping the Knights of Syliras Roland took up a training position, helping Knights to teach their Squires in whatever way he could. He spent years devoting his life to turning young Squires into devoted and honorable Knights with little thought for his own prestige or comfort. After years of dedication and honorable service, despite Roland's body starting to slowly descend into old age, Tyveth appeared to him again and marked him a second time for his selfless service.

Even with middle age approaching Roland continued to serve the Knights as he could, and he moved to a more advisory and intelligence gathering position as physical training became extremely difficult. While out in the countryside between Ravok and Syliras, scouting for signs of slavers, Roland was captured by a pair of Ebonstryfe who recognized him as a possible Knight. The pair hoped to gain Rhysol's favor by turning a fabled Syliran Knight into an agent for chaos. Roland valiantly resisted all the torture he was subjected to, refusing to submit one bit, despite the fact that he ended up losing three of the fingers on his right hand. After several agony filled days a patrol sent to find Roland finally tracked down Roland's location, and, after slaying his captors, they brought him back to Syliras for healing and recovery.

With his body scarred, beaten and only growing older Roland became one of the very few to be retired from the Knighthood, due to his lack of ability to even wield a weapon properly, but Tyveth could see his spirit was still just as strong and noble. Marking him a third time Tyveth gave Roland a new direction in life, to serve as his Priest to all of Syliras. Roland still likes to spend some time helping the Knights, in the few ways he still can, but now spends more time at the Temple of All Gods acting as a guide and leader for those devoted to Tyveth.


Roland's Appearences