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Ros Vizerian

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Ros Vizerian
Date of birth404 AV (aged 119)
Place of birthSultros
TitleOwner and Head Smith of The Ironworks, Owner/Operator of The Lykolav Iron Mine
Gnosis marks

Ros Vizerian is the owner and operator of both The Lykolav Iron Mine and The Ironworks in Syliras. He is the most vital person in Syliras, in regards to metal and all related industries. Practically the entire iron industry is controlled by Ros, due to his ownership of the largest producers of raw materials and finished products in all of the Sylira region.


Physical Description


Ros is a rather friendly person, well, friendly for an Isur. While living in Syliras, he adapted to the style of life, and the demands of being a business owner, which lessened the innate, introverted Isurian qualities in him. Thus he is more open to diversity, to an extent, and is more friendly and open when speaking to others. Though he isn't quite an extrovert, neither does he hide away in a mountain.

While he has strayed from the common Isur psyche in some areas, particularly courtesy and acceptance, he still possesses Isurian drive for his work. When dealing with his profession he is a very strict judge, though he balances it out with forgiveness. He strives for perfection and expects nothing less than excellent quality works to leave his forge. He is extremely organized and likes everything to be in it's place and working exactly how it was meant to work.