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Rowina Arctium

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Rowina Arctium
Date of birth484 AV (aged 39)
Place of birthKalinor
TitleTeacher at Mene Madras

Rowina Arctium is a teacher at Mene Madras, the school of Kalinor.


Rowina is the oldest of three siblings in the Arctium Web. Her first gleaning was at a young age, only a season after she graduated from the school. She’s been on a half-dozen since then, each time reaching further into the unpredictable world to draw in foreigners and learn their way of life. Never did she conduct a true harvest; Rowina was called back to Mene Madras to teach.

Appearance & Personality

While Rowina is no stunning beauty, most people would call her pretty. She has long, black hair that is usually decorated with flowers or gems, and large, expressive golden eyes. Her skin is pale. It possesses a nearly translucent quality. Rowina usually wears simple dresses in plain colors.

Rowina is a very well educated woman. Her gleanings have taken her not only to other cities in Kalea, but to other regions of Mizahar. While she is only fluent in Symenos and Common, she has learned a few words from a few other languages as well.

Rowina is a gentle woman and has an insatiable thirst for knowledge. While she would like to have a child one day, she has decided that her work at Meine Medres is more important now.