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Image:Scroll2.png "Both my guide and I marveled at the gorgeous rainbow - it looked so close you could touch it. The guide actually tried, and when the rainbow cut his hand off clean, I knew this was going to be a long day."
- Aurelius Dootsby, "The Fool's Travelogue"
FrequencyVery rare
Threat levelHigh
Major featuresFluid body looking like a moving mass of color
AbilitiesMetamorphosis into sharp-edged forms, stealth, camouflage

Rozacapotl (literally "colored-by-death" in the ancient tongue) is a rare, ethereal Relic monster that is made of pure color. Its beautiful, vibrant appearance belies its extreme ferocity; it uses camouflage to trick its victims into approaching, then shredding them with sharp blades of color. Rozacapotl has no need to feed, and as such its motives for hunting people seem to be territorial, though Relics are always extremely difficult to understand.