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Overview: The Rujaro

The Rujaro is a secretive group in Kenash made up of largely run-away slaves, but also a few sympathizers. They are a small group of skilled people who live in the swamp and cause anarchy and chaos amongst the Dynasty. Their leader, Jarrick, a human former slave with a mission for complete and total annihilation of the Dynasties.


Jarrick was a young man raised in Syliras with his friend Darius. Darius had wild ideas, and one of them was that they were going to leave Syliras and become traders. Unfortunately neither young men were particularly skilled at trading and found themselves broke, hungry, and desperate in Kenash. Due to their lack of funds or any means to support themselves the Magistrate waived their thirty day grace period and immediately sold them into slavery. The house Radacke purchased Jarrick, while Darius went to house Draer.

Radacke were known for their particularly cruel breaking of slaves, and they spared no grief for Jarrick who resisted their attempts. For two years Jarrick basically lived in their breaking ground until one day he saw a chance to escape and he did. It is then that he hatched a plot to seek his vengeance on the Dynasties.


The Rujaro was founded by a runaway slave by the name of Jarrick. It is an organization that has two goals. The first and most prevalent goal is to make life hard for Dynasty families, ultimately Jarrick wants nothing more than to destroy these families but he is pragmatic enough to know that is largely unattainable unless something changes. So he contents himself with causing mischief. He has been known to attack caravans that have goods coming into Kenash, and leaving Kenash to try and hack at the income of Dynasties. He has no compulsion against killing, and while most Dynasty brats do not wander into his domain -the swamp proper- he has had chances to kill one or two in the past.

The second goal of the Rujaro is to help slaves who have managed to shed their Master's chains. Most of the time this is by helping them cross safely through the swamps to away from Kenash. Using a Drykas slave who Jarrick himself helped escape, he set up a network with the Drykas Horse clans. The Rujaro spirits women and children run aways to Endrykas using these Drykas contacts. Jarrick doesn't know how they know when there is a group of slaves entering the Sea of Grasses, his Drykas Rujaro refused to reveal that information no matter what Jarrick said, but they did. Often they took the elderly as well, because typically the only elderly slaves that escaped were brought by their younger family. It is widely believed that all Runaway slaves become Rujaro, particularly since runaways who are caught are put to death quickly; however this is far from the truth. Jarrick's goals would not be helped by having a band of raggedy slaves. No, the Rujaro is more than that, it is a network of individuals who have the skills to accomplish his goals.

The Rujaro are unique as because they have a death warrant if they are discovered. Most of the Rujaro live out in the swamps and are known to be runaways so they can’t simply go into Kenash proper to buy supplies. However they make frequent raids upon Dynasty homes, caravans, and even freeborn belongings are not safe. Jarrick ‘pays’ the Rujaro by selling the goods obtained from these raids to merchants traveling close to Kenash in the Sea of Grass. Most of the Rujaro’s cash go back into their living, however some squirrel it back for when they can leave the swamps and live in a city where they were not marked for death.

Levels in the Rujaro

Jarrick is a meticulous leader, even when he is running a highly dangerous outlaw gang of vigilante’s. This is reflected in the tightly organized branches of his operation. The branches, all of whom report to Jarrick, are as follows:

   The Qintal: The leader of the Rujaro. As of 514, there is only one Qintal, and he is Jarrick. Meticulous, charismatic, and well-knowledged in living in the swamps, Jarrick is a powerful leader for the Rujaro and rules over the slave rebellion with an iron fist. While the Qintal are open for others to join in, it takes a great deal of proving oneself to reach this point, and one's mettle is tested all of the way through.
   Qualifications: 50+ Leadership
   Pay: 12 GM/day per Season (based on Sage/Acolyte)
The Roonitza: These are highly stealthy people who are the scouts for the Rujaro. These people are the ones that stake out the caravans, the Dynasty homes, or the Dynasty brat if there is a specific personal target. These are the ones that also are the less likely to be pinpointed if they step into the city for a quick information retrieval. As such Jarrick prizes this branch well. The Roonitza are the ones that deal mostly with the Kaziu.
   Qualifications: 50+ Stealth or Larceny
   Pay: 6 GM/day per Season (Based on Spy)

The Amelgor: These are those who are tasked to defend the camp and the Rujaro in and of itself. These are the ones that will be the most likely to kill someone if they come too close to the encampment. They rare leave the swamps, for these are usually the people that are most suited for this sort of work and as such tend to not play nice with others.

   Qualifications: 50+ Weapon
   Pay: 5 GM/day per Season (Based on Guard)

The Kaziu- The severed ones. These are people of the Rujaro who live and work inside Kenash proper daily. These are strategically set ‘spies’ that gather information to pass to the Roonitza’s. They can be freeborn or even slaves.

   Qualifications: 25+ Subterfuge
   Pay: 3 GM/day per Season (Based on Information Brokers)

The Bulishan: These are the workers of the group. These are the people who do the bulk of the physical work of keeping and moving camp, and as they get more skilled and more trusted hitting Caravans, going on Raids, and doing menial labor that involves surviving in the swamp. Bulishan can be hunters, cooks, healers, etc.

   Qualifications: No Requirements, though 15 - 25 in a primary skill encouraged.
   Pay: 2 GM/day per Season (Based on laborer, but can get paid based on specific tasks assigned them such as Cook in which case their skill requirement would be at least 15 with pay increasing based on their Cooking skill)

Typically speaking new Rujaro start off as Bulishan, leaving this position when people begin to suspect or if they are forced out due to being a slave and being removed from a position of information. This is not necessary, but it is typical. It is necessary that Rujaro spend a time in the Almelgo as they work on their skills to go on to either being a Roonitza or Bulishan.