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S'kali Kalpante

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S'kali Kalpante
Date of birth471 AV (aged 52)
Place of birthMura
TitleOwner of Skyfeathers
Gnosis marks

In her early youth S’kali decided to live with animals rather than Konti civilization. After learning at the Opal Temple for several years she abandoned her family for a herd of Calivari that regularly visits the grasslands around Mura. Throughout the years in the wilderness she has almost become an animal herself: Her white hair is usually messy, only shoulder-long and looks like cut with a knife. Her head and practical linen clothing is decorated with small twigs and leaves. Even her bright yellow eyes radiate a more feral than intelligent atmosphere. The words rolling over her lips are simple and unequivocal. She usually knows what she likes and what she despises and is not afraid of turning unwanted visitors away with loud noises and boisterous gestures just like they were nothing more than over-exited squirrels.