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Date of birth456 AV (aged 67)
Place of birthMura
TitleThe Sun
Fortune Telling40
Gnosis marks

The sun at Mura's house of cards.


A fair skinned Konti one would never know. Often hidden in the darkness, constantly a shadow, a dark silhouette, few get to know the true beauty that only Sa'tera seems to possess. Pale purple eyes, only a few shades darker than lavender, with scales that shimmer soft yellow shades in the light. Small hands with slender fingers, and long legs that seem to go on for miles. A delicate smile said to match the period in time in which a tulip's petals fist open themselves up, allowing outsiders to view their inner world. A nose lost in the center of her face. Rosy cheeks which never fail to shine. Few would dare to call her a sight hard on their eyes.


Sa'tera is the one to go to when light needs to be shed on a certain area. She oft lends and ear, and her deep understanding of many subjects. She is the one to go to when you struggle with your place in this world, for she will help guide you to a loftier location. She is bursting with life and energy, and will not often remain in one place for long. Do chase after her, for her energy brings a sort of rebirth to the soul. Being around her is invigorating, and reassuring during times of doubt. She is one to help you boost your confidence, when feeling down, for she always whispers kind words into the wind.