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Major featuresBright pink, orange, or purple petals
AbilitiesSpiritual significance, decoration
Most common inLhavit

The saegiro is a flower that blooms only in the hottest season of the year; they flower during the beginning of summer, and begin to die as the season approaches its end. They are usually a bright pink, though they can also range from purple to fiery orange; no matter the colour of their petals, they always have a pure white center. They grow only in clumps, never just individual flowers, and are usually worn in the Taiyang's hair when they do their fire dancing. They have no medicinal property, except they are often found in the summer months in the houses of Lhavitians, thought to bring longevity and honour to a household if they are hung above the door. It is an entirely decorational flower, but they have great spiritual significance for Lhavitians.