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Scribes are the Moderators of the World Development Forum. Their main function is to assist in the development of new content for Mizahar as a whole and the Wiki. This can range from filling out stubs, updating wiki lists, help players create new articles for the lore or for regions and domains on the forum.


World Development Process

As taken from the World Development Lore Workshop. [1]

  • Pre-Approval Phase: Submit an application to develop your article using the the Article Proposal Form. This must include a summary paragraph and detailed outline of your proposed article. You may continue developing only after Staff have approved the proposal. Prior to this step, you may post in the Lore Discussions forum to gauge interest for the article, work out outlines, etc.
  • First Draft Phase: Develop the first draft of your article. Notes, references, and drafts may be kept in the Lore Workshop.
  • Peer Review Phase: When you have a COMPLETE first draft prepared, repost the article in the Peer Review forum with [Peer Review] in the thread title. If the article is not complete, then it is not ready for peer review. You must link back to the original article proposal at the top of this thread. The article will remain in Peer Review until at least five people have given substantive reviews of the article. Reviewers should describe their likes and dislikes, anything which needs elaboration, and/or why they feel it is strong as it stands. "Looks good!" and similar comments are not substantive reviews. There must be at least one review for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. More than five reviews may be warranted if the reviewers find numerous and/or substantial flaws with the article. The author must give due consideration to their critiques and edit the article as appropriate in response to reviews.
  • Founder Review Phase: After all necessary Peer Reviews have been obtained and appropriate edits made to the article, repost the revised version in the Founder Review forum with [Founder Review] in the thread title. You must link back to your original proposal at the top of the thread. At least one Founder needs to critique the article. If Founders request changes to the article, you must post a revised version in the same thread and get further feedback from them.
  • Wiki Addition Phase: Once an "Article Approved" Stamp (shown below) has been posted in the Founder Review thread, you or another player with wiki permissions (e.g. any Scribe) can add your article to the wiki. It is now part of Mizahar's lore. Congratulations!

Duties of a Scribe

Scribe Inactivity

Scribe Application