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Seduction is the skill deliberately enticing a person to engage in different forms of behavior involving intimacy. Seduction comes in a combination of many forms including but not limited to; words, looks, body language and even thought. In most situations, the art of seduction involves gaining the attention of another. This is often done by making eye contact or otherwise giving a look that initiates communication. This could also take the form of body language; the way one moves in order to attract another. Perfumes, clothing, the way one carries themselves, all are a part of that initial hook. The next stage of seduction usually involves an opening line or initial contact of some sort that brings the other person in closer; either physically, mentally or both. More often than not, the opening line is the way many approach this stage of seduction. Words, voice, body language, they all come together to form the opening line that leads to further conversations. The third stage of seduction involves witty or otherwise interesting conversation. Sharing interests, listening to the other, playing off of what the other person says and then adding to that in a way the continues building the connection is a common method. Once one has gotten to the point where they have succeeded with the look, brought a person close with the opening line and hooked them with witty conversation, they may move on to the fourth stage of seduction, the start of intimacies. This is where touch becomes key; holding hands, non-invasive kissing, brushing or otherwise making contact with the other will tell the seducer if the other person is ready for stage five. Stage five of seduction boils down to where and when more intimate contact may occur.

Of course in the end, there is no real solid structure to the art of seduction however the five stages are common to those who employ the art for their own ends. Many a seducer has their own signature looks, opening lines, topics of conversation and special touches to seal the deals. Skipping steps usually leads to failure as the art of seduction is never rushed but smoothly slid into with finesse and technique.

Read the person, understand what their body is saying; what their words are conveying before even getting into Stage 1.

The Five Stages of Seduction

  1. The Look
  2. Opening Line
  3. Witty Conversation
  4. Beginning Intimacies
  5. When and Where?

Prerequisites and Related Skills

While there aren't any require prerequisite skills for seduction, appearance, mannerisms and how one handles themselves around those they are trying to seduce are all things one must keep in mind. There are skills that may add to the seducer's success such as impersonation. Depending on the person being seduced, skill in or knowledge of various physical or martial pursuits may also add to the seduction.


Seduction cannot be used in place of Persuasion. Persuasion covers any sort of attempt at manipulating a person into doing something with a greater ease than they normally would ie: to move by argument, entreaty, or expostulation to a belief, position, or course of action

Skill Progression

Novice (1-25)
Novices in the Art of Seduction are barely better than those unskilled at all. They do have something of a grasp on the look and the opening line but many falter when it comes to the witty conversation. While it is not impossible to seduce someone at this point in one's pursuit of the art, most require outside assistance from things such as alcohol or other substances that loosen the defenses of others. While lacking overall technique, these individuals find members of the same or opposite sex more attracted to them than if they had no ability at seduction at all.
Competent (26-50)
Competent Seduction is a skill highly sought after by many as those who possess it are quite adept at giving the look and are proficient with the opening line. They have a knack at engaging in witty conversation and experience much less difficulty reaching the beginning intimacies than the Novice. While they often still employ things like alcohol in their art, these individuals know how to move, dress and act to loosen up their targets with some amount of grace. Those of the competent level find members of the same or opposite sex drawn to them thus making it easier to begin the seduction process.
Expert (51-75)
Experts in Seduction are those who can talk the cloths off of the most devout, celibate, individual. They have mastered the look, the opening line and their ability to start and maintain interesting conversation is legendary. These individuals seem to know exactly what to say, how to move, what to wear and how to touch so as to take their seduction to the final stage without much difficulty. These are the individuals who give off a seemingly intoxicating aura that draws members of the same or opposite sex to them. In fact, experts find that they rarely need to use the look or the opening line to engage in witty conversation. Even then, conversation usually doesn't last long before intimacy begins.
Master (76-100)
Masters of Seduction can entrap another with but a toss of their head, curve of a smile or wave of a hand. They are unmatched in their ability to seduce others. Their appearance, movement, clothing, all scream of being desirable. They find that others follow them almost instinctively and with little more than a look, they can have a member of the same or opposite sex groveling at their feet. The Master drips with seduction so much that only the most strong willed individuals can resist, even for but a moment, their charms.