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Selaria Anice

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Selaria Anice
Date of birth495 AV (aged 28)
Place of birthKalinor
Titleformer Moth Queen

Selaria Anice is a former Moth Queen and the victim of an assassination attempt.


Selaria is one of the children of the Anice Web – and the only daughter. Her Web has never been in any way important in Kalinor. Her brother is a guard at the Woven Gate and a member of the Ochya, but so are a lot of other Symenestra. Selaria herself used to train as a healer at the Purging – until that day, the day she was chosen as Moth Queen, a position that every young woman in Kalinor desires.

It was in the summer of 511. That she was chosen came as a surprise to Selaria. She had thought that Soraya Orchid or maybe even Silenva Hyacinth, the daughter of the ruling couple who was one of the most beautiful women in Kalinor would be chosen, but she had never thought that she would even be considered.

So she was excited and happy beyond measure. Apparently somebody appreciated her quiet, gentle ways. That happiness didn’t last long though. Shortly before she was officially presented to the people of Kalinor, she was given a gift – a veil. It was covered with a dangerous poison. Not knowing that, Selaria put it on and went to greet the people of Kalinor. Almost immediately she became violently ill and eventually passed out. It was only due to the quick intervention of two healers that were present that she survived.

She never recovered completely though. She had to give up her training at the Purging. These days she spends most of her time at home. The assassin that ruined her life was never found, but people suspect it was somebody that sympathized with the surrogates and wanted to hurt those that imprison them.

Appearance and Personality

Selaria is no great beauty. She has grey skin, grey hair and red eyes, and due to her illness she is painfully thin. But she has a gentle demeanor and a beautiful smile. She is friendly to everybody that she meets and trusting, even after the assassination attempt.