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Selia of the Hydroponic Gardens
Date of birth465 AV (aged 58)
Place of birthWind Reach
TitleHydroponic Technician
Reimancy (Water, Earth)40
Musical Instrument (Flute)35
Gnosis marks

Selia is an elderly Inarta woman. In her youth Selia was a beautiful young woman with thick red hair and pale green eyes. She is tall for a Inarta woman at 5'4” and with a weight of 120lbs. As a young woman, she spent much time climbing the Edge of the World and managed to keep a toned body and many suitors. During her rebellious youth, she had an eloquent tattoo of a flowering vine that starts at the ankle of her right foot, wraps around her leg, her waist, her torso, and back, then wraps around her right shoulder and stops over heart, ending as a vibrant red rose. Today, Selia still has the fire of her youth burning inside her. Being an elderly woman doesn't stop her from spending time on the climbing wall. She has managed to keep her athletic body limber and toned. Often she wears a green silk vinati with some sort of floral design on it, a silk green bryda, and a scarlet silk scarf.


Selia knows she beautiful, and she has no qualms on flaunting her beauty for the young and older men of Wind Reach. During the time, Selia is not at work. She amuses herself in the company of much younger men. Selia cares little for the caste system and hates when people refer to her title. She treats everyone the same regardless of their caste unless they are an Endal then she will treat them with the respect their caste deserves. She has a playful personality and tends to be flirtatious to attractive men. She is very opinionated, passionate, and loves to debate anything from politics to flowers.


Selia fell in love with plants and gardening at a early age. She would often spent hours in the garden everyday. Trying to cultivate the perfect flower or vegetable. She prayed to Bala everyday to grant her the ability to grow the perfect flower. Bala noticed her dedication to gardening and decided to touch with the gift of the green thumb. She learned reimancy to help her profession in the hydroponic farms. At age twenty-five, She was award the title of Avora for her efforts in the farms. Also she was the mother of triplets all boys. Unfortunately, all her sons were adventurous like their mother, and they all died in their late twenties to earlier thirties. Today she lives everyday like it is her last.