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Image:Scroll2.png "She is lovely, diverse, and shelters all within her arms. No one does she turn away, not Ivak, not Laviku, not even Rhysol."
- Zulrav, The Storm God

I am the earth.
TitleThe Mother Mizahar
DomainEarth, Minerals, Gemstones
Divine rank3
SymbolsA cut gemstone, a mountain
Worshipped inThroughout Mizahar

The Goddess Semele is perhaps one of the most withdrawn and alien of the entire pantheon. Representing the earth itself, Semele is a creature of the soul and depths, of glittering exotic gemstones and solid, stoic bedrock. While friendly enough, Semele oftentimes takes less notice of the denizens that dwell upon her form than an elemental Goddess perhaps should. Close friends with Ivak, their domains cross over each other somewhat, forcing them to make agreements and form understandings of each other that other Gods have not. Semele has a soft spot in her heart for Zulrav, for he often rearranges her appearance, much like the seasonal gods and goddesses do. It is through his gentle winds that whispers of the world pass to her, so that Semele rarely lacks an understanding of what goes on within the world. Her followers, the Vantila, have the ability to harness the power of rocks, minerals, and gemstones, unleashing their inner properties unto the world.


Semele is often depicted as a great beauty. When she manifests, she has no clothing, though she needs none, for her appearance is usually indistinct. Her body is made up of the glitter of gems and the deep rich tones of earth. Greenish silver eyes often are framed with greenish silver lashes which match the hair that flows long and proud down her shoulders. Her voice is soft and low, echoing like natural amphitheaters and windworn canyons. Semele marks people who follow her and display a deep reverence for her body and the treasures it holds.


  • Mele - (Manipulation of Gemstone Properties & Earth)
  • The Gemstones of Mizahar - the complete list including their properties.


Semele's Appearances
heightShe Of The EarthAppears to Ronan Windsong.
heightFulfilling Promises And Breaking Curses IIIAppears to Kelski and Gilthas.
heightFulfilling Promises And Breaking Curses IVAppears to Kelski and Gilthas.