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Seth, along with Verilian is one of the two Assistant Storyteller's of Ravok, under the faithful guidance of his Domain Storyteller, Gillar. Seth is the darker side of a loving young man named Stitch, who controls what he thinks is one of the happier PCs in Mizahar. Stitch has his own Wiki page, and you can go check him out there. This isn't about the bright and happy side, though. This is about the dark side. Seth enjoys torture, torment, betrayal, lies, deceit, trickery, killing, pillaging, and stealing toys from young babies. Seth is particularly fond of changing the lives of any PCs that ask him for an adventure, or simply ask him to grade their threads. If these life-changing events are for the good, or the bad... well... who knows? Seth can definitely promise that your character will have a fun time with whatever is tossed their way, though.

Seth is sadism-incarnate. Seth is currently typing on a keyboard that he stole from his little brother at Christmas (along with his teddy, and his sister's new pony), while drinking the tears that were spilled that day. Seth bottled those tears up until they had aged to deliciousness. Seth is using those tears to wash down the tasty dreams of young children, which he belches back up in the form of horrible nightmares. Seth likes to pop balloons and eat grapes from grocery produce isles. Seth is mean. Seth is evil. Seth is with your mom, but she didn't want to tell you.

She says hi.


Seth would not like to reveal anything about his past at this time. Perhaps in the future, when Seth is feeling a bit more destructive. Information of this sort tends to unleash doom upon the world.

In short, you are not ready to understand where the Seth came from, and what gave birth to him.

Vital Statistics

  • Age: 20
  • Sex: Male
  • Status: Alive
  • Nationality: Ravokian
  • Location: Ravok
  • Likes: Blood, sweat, tears, darkness, evil rituals, and Rhysol.
  • Dislikes: Dusk and her Sylirian Knights, Light, Rainbows, Puppies, and Sugar.