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Silene Sa'nanathy

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Silene Sa'nanathy
Date of birth423 AV (aged 100)
Place of birthMura
TitleOwner of House of Glass
Gnosis marks

Silene's life has changed completely during her stay at Riverfall. She had come there with a trade caravan of other Konti to learn about the craft of glassblowing and fell in love with her Akalak master. But then she found him betraying her with one of her friends from the caravan and accidentally killed him in her rage. From that on she is cursed by Kihala and target of her minions, and immediately returned to her safe home city. There she managed to start and maintain a small glassblowing business. Despite the trouble she has with the life goddess, despite the fact that some pieces get strangely shattered and have to be crafted anew, the shop is fairly popular at the art-loving Konti. Of course Silene always looks worn and tired, her long ivory hair has lost it's shimmer and the lashes over her violet eyes are usually heavy with a lack of sleep. When she speaks, she does so with low and weak voice and her body language is very limited. However, she still creates incredibly beautiful glasswork with extraordinary talent, creativity and skill.